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If a 1996 Plymouth Voyager suddenly shuts down while driving and does not restart but after a few moments the car will start again is it an electrical problem?


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2015-07-16 19:29:18
2015-07-16 19:29:18

I don't see why it would be in the charging system(usually refered as electrical system). I would be suspicious of the ignition system, such as a ignition coil or ignition module. These are weakened when basic care sucha as plugs or wires are not changed. Post your results when you find out.

Quite possibly the fuel pump itself, I had a similar issue.

had same problem. replaced the coolant sensor. had to hook it up to a computer to find this out. it is a cheap brass part on top 10 min job

I had the same thing happen. Turns out it was a plugged fuel filter. Hope that helps.

I had something like this, and it turned out the main wire to the distributer cap had come loose at the other end.

I had the same problem and it would only occur occassionally, it would occur when I stopped at a light or stop sign after the van had been running continuously for a couple of hours. The O2 sensor was what was causing my van to suddenly die and then start back up a few moments later.


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3000-5000 miles depending on driving situations

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One cause why a Plymouth Voyager sputters is because the driver may be holding the gear shift button, unnecessary for going through drives 1 to 4. The gear shift button is a safety feature that keeps from reversing while driving.

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I have a 2000 Plymouth voyager with the check oil light on and the chimes keep going off driving me crazy. I need to know how to reset this also. I haven't found the answer yet, but when I do I will share with you. Please keep me informed also. Thanks!

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