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It could be the starter, battery, battery terminals, neutral lockout switch, keyswitch, bad wire or a poor connection somewhere. Don't just replace parts without knowing which parts are faulty.

1. Check the battery terminals, clean them, twist around the connectors to the battery posts. If they are loose, remove them, clean the terminals and then tighten them down.

2. Try to start it.

3. If it doesn't, I would not hunt for a poor connection yet. Take a hammer and use the butt of it (not the head) to knock on the side of the starter. Then try to restart. This can sometimes shake up the metal brushes inside the starter and make it start. If that works, it's your starter. It cost me about 250 for my 1990 w/a rebuilt starter.

4. Previous post is correct. Don't change more than any one thing at a time. Then try to start. Proceed accordingly.

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Q: If a 1997 Isuzu Trooper will not start and makes no attempt to turn over is this a bad starter?
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How do you remove a starter on a 1999 Isuzu trooper?

Lower the left,driver side exhaust pipe from the manifold, dont have to take all way out just undo three nuts from exhaust manifold, and three at rear of pipe, slide pipe to rear and possibly drob cross bracket below starter, I didn't have to but makes it easier, then just undo the two starter bolts and two wires from starter, and it will roll out between engine and frame.

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What carburetor was used on a 1987 Isuzu Trooper II 2.3 liter engine?

there are a couple of different factory carbs used and the parts store can tell you which one you have from the numbers on the carb, but weber makes a direct specific replacement carb for a 1987 2.3 gas trooper at about half the cost of a remanufactured OEM carb. The weber is a DGAS/ES 18930.032/020.

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The starter should only be making noise if you attempt to start the car and the starter is going bad. It is possible that the remote starter is bypassing the mechanical starter. Starters are very easy to replace. Be sure to disconnect the car battery before doing so.

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if it is the v6 2.8 litre, you crawl under the dirvers side right behind the front wheel, as the starter is on the bottom drivers side of the bell housing. disconnect the battery, take the 3 lines off of the starter and then remove the 3 retaining bolts. pull starter out just a little then straight down. you wont be able to rotate it to get it out, as i spent over an hour with 30 pounds in my hands trying to get it out, let alone in. so save yourself some troubles. putting it back in is a little more complicated, on the sole fact that you will more than likely have to shim it. install it, try and start it. if it makes a loud sound, probly needs to be shimmed. or you could pay someone to do it for you since your asking on here? dunlap

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