If a 1998 Honda Accord EX V6 hesitates when stepping on the gas pedal should you clean out the fuel injectors or change the oxygen sensor?

I don't know much about cars, but as I understand it, when an O2 sensor goes bad, all that will happen is that it will default to full rich. Your car will run fine, but your gas mileage will suffer. I had a '73 Chevy that would hesitate if I put low octane gas in it. Being your car is a '98, the computer should compensate for whatever octane you use, but you might try a tankful of premium and see if it helps. If it helps, you can keep buying higher octane gas, or replace (adjust?) the knock sensor, or whatever. If it doesn't work, sorry. Keep looking.


definitely not knock sensor. know ur stuff before u answer. yes clean out injectors, check intake/vacuum leaks.
Put a can of Sea Salt to your gasoline. It costs about $6.00 and most auto parts carry it. It cleans the trottle body and injectors. Honda does not recommend using premium gas. Also check your gas filter and air filter


Instead try the throttle position sensor.