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Hey Tony==The crank sensor is on the rear of some jeeps attached to the bell housing. It in itself won't cause overheating. If you have electric fans, make sure they are operating properly. Make sure the radiator is flowing coolant and not have a bunch of build up. Good luck Joe

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Q: If a 1998 Jeep Cherokee is overheating could the crank sensor be the problem and if so where do you find it?
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Could overheating on a 1994 jeep grande Cherokee Loredo cause the overdrive to not work?

Overheating the engine shouldn't effect the transmission. Overheating the transmission could.

Why won't my 94 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo start?

A sensor could be the reason why a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo fails to start. The crank position sensor is often the problem. You can try unplugging the sensor for several minutes and then plugging it back in to see if that fixes the problem.

What could make a jeep not run when it gets spark and fuel on a 1993 jeep Cherokee country?

Crank position sensor could be the problem. Worth looking into.

IF a 2000 Chevy Tracker engine shut off while driving what could be the problem?

According to my mechanic, it has something to do with the cam shaft position sensor overheating.

Your check gauge light goes on and temperature gauge reads HOT intermittently and the car is not overheating so what might be the problem?

you could have abad temp sensor

Why does my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic keep overheating?

there could be many different factors in the problem could be that your cooling fan does not come on or your radiator is plugged or maybe your thermostat does not open or it could even be low on anti-freeze.

What is the problem of engine overheating?

The engine could possibly seize.

Computer restarting on bootup?

could possibly be a overheating problem

What could be the problem with a 1994 Jeep Cherokee sport that ran the night before but now will not turn over Battery has power.?

You may need to replace the crankshaft position sensor. Not sure about the '94 but I have a 2000 that had this same problem. Replaced the sensor and the problem was solved.

1991 Honda Accord overheating?

A 1991 Honda Accord could be overheating if the radiator has a leak. There could also be a problem with the head gasket.

1997 grand Cherokee limited your systems monitor is telling you your tailgate is open but its not Any ideas as to what this could be Sensor Monitor malfunction Has anyone seen this problem?

Check the sensor switch first.

What could the problem be with a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport when driven for a while it will die and then start again in about 30 minutes?

The engine could be overheating and stalling, or it could be the drivetrain system. Whatever it is I would highly consider taking it to a trained automachanic.

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