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Plugged heater core maybe.

Maybe the thermostat. Coolant keeps your engine cool under duress. If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine is staying too cool. Your heat is run off of your engine temperature.

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Q: If a 1998 Mercury Cougar heating system does not blow hot air but there is plenty of coolant in radiator what could be the problem?
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How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

Problem with low coolant and the radiator on a 2002 Chevy impala?

Fill it up with coolant. If it gets low again I'm guessing you have a hole in your radiator. Replace it.

What if your subaru legacy 2.5 keeps over heating you have put a new radiator in and replaced the theromostat but it still over heats what would the problem be?

Check; coolant, fan, fan clutch and fan clutch solenoid, blocked or partially blocked lines and coolant gallery.

What causes coolant to backup and spill over in the reservoir?

I had this problem ....Head Gasket or radiator cap

Why would your 1996 Dodge Avenger 2.5 v6 overheat assume the radiator cap and thermostat are all good heater blows but is cold this is a problem which showed up quickly?

sounds like blockage in the cooling system. See if you are not low on coolant in the radiator. Just because your reserve tank has coo;ant does not mean that you have enough coolant in the radiator. If you have low coolant in the radiator, it will blow cold. It can happen abruptly. If you are low on coolant in the radiator and not in your reserve tank you will need to find out why the system is not pulling coolant out of the reserve tank.

What is the problem when the heat gauge of your Camry indicates overheating?

The Engine Coolant Temperature in the Engine is higher than it should be. Check your radiator coolant level - also your radiator may be clogged or thermostat may be stuck.

Your 1997 ford is over heating it is leaking from the radiator cap on the resavor what could be causing this problem i have tried everything?

From easiest to hardest: Does radiator have enough coolant? Is the fan working? Could be a bad thermostat. Water pump (there is a small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If there is water dripping out of the "weep" hole, then the water pump is bad). Could be a blown head gasket. (Is there any water in the oil or does the coolant in the radiator have a fuel smell?

What does it mean when your coolant tank boil over?

You could possibly have a circulation problem, or a over heating problem. Need more info.

Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

Why is the coolant light on when the radiator is full on a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu?

Build up in the radiator system or a plug can cause this. Do a radiator flush (or have a professional do it if you're not interested but it's fairly easy if you read an online HOWTO) to remove the grime and refill with fresh coolant. This solved the problem in my 2003. Check the low coolant level sensor and replace if defective. It is in the side of the radiator.

2007 cobalt 2.2 engine oil in coolant tank what could be the problem?

If it is an automatic transmission, the cooler in the radiator is most likely leaking into the coolant system.

My 2000 dodge durango is over heating what could be the problem?

Here are a few possibilities:engine cooling fan not working.low radiator fluid.plugged radiator fins (not enough airflow through radiator).blocked or collapsed coolant hose.faulty engine thermostat.blown head or intake gasket.vehicle cargo or towing capacity is exceeded.

1997 Ford Taurus why does radiator cap keep going bad?

Your radiator cap is made of metal and rubber. The metal and rubber are reacting to the rust in your radiator. Rust and oxidation in your radiator will deteriorate the cap at an accelerated rate. I suggest flushing the cooling system and replacing the coolant and cap. If it persists after that you might have a heat problem that is cooking the rubber right off the radiator cap. If this is the case you should check your thermostat and heating Coil.

Your 89 cavalier z24 is overheating what could be the problem?

Thermostat not opening correctly, low coolant level, poor coolant flow (i.e. clogged radiator), head gasket, radiator cooling fan not operating correctly, if it is boiling over,posible weak radiator cap.

Coolant pushing out from radiator back into coolant reservoir?

it is normal, when the coolant is hot and pressure built, the pressure cap allows the coolant to drain to reservoir to reduce pressure in the cooling system But, if it continually does this whereby the reservoir overflows and the vehicle overheats due to a lack of coolant actually in the radiator when cool, there may be an overheating problem or blown head gasket on the engine.

Leaking coolant when not running?

Can be a hole in the radiator or a problem with one or more of the hoses. A mechanic can run a pressure test to see where the problem(s) are located at.

You have had overheating problem with your car and quickly you filled the coolant tank with water and after you drive one mile your car overheated again and the the coolant dried up really quick?

If you can't see where its coming from, it may be a cracked head, or a bas headgasket. Also, when you add water to the coolant tank, it doesn't immediately go into the radiator. After the car sits a while, the radiator starts to cool, creating a vacuum. Water/coolant is then pulled into the radiator from the coolant tank.

Why is car leaking coolant and not over heating?

Just because there is a leak doesn't mean it will overheat instantly, but if you do not keep adding coolant or fix the leak you will have engine problem

Heating problem in Dodge Intrepid 97 3.5?

i have problem my dodge intrepid 97 v6 3.5 overheating just in the machine not a radiator system

Why is my Mazda 626 radiator overheating?

likely possibilities are the following. Low or bad coolant , water pump, thermostat needs changing, clogged radiator or lines, coolant temperature sensor or radiator fans not coming on, head gasket Also check the radiator caps on the hose and the overflow container. That was my problem. One or both may have to be replaced.

No heat 1993 Mercury Villager van?

You are most likely low on coolant or if you have had a coolant change recently the problem is due to insufficient coolant within the system which is also results in having air trapped in the system. Check your coolant level in both the radiator and the overflow bottle. I also recommend that you follow the procedure for removing trapped air in the cooling system. It can be found as part of the coolant refill procedure, which can be found at

What does it mean if i take off my radiator cap run the engine and the coolant overflows out of the radiator?

If you have coolant mixed with air bubbles coming out, you may have a cracked head or a bad head gasket. Have a pressure test done on the cooling system to verify there is a problem.

Cadillac 1996 deville overheats driving fast?

when overheating occurs at highway speeds the cause is usually. a radiator or coolant circulation problem, Check for a restricted or clogged radiator.

What does it mean when you smell gas in radiator?

That usually means that you have exhaust gasses dissolved in your radiator coolant; generally indicative of a head gasket problem or a cracked head (or block for that matter).

Is it safe to drive your car if engine coolant has leaked out?

It will be safe to drive short distance as long as the car does not over heat. You can top up the engine coolant or use water/coolant mixture till you fix the problem which could be leaking hose pipe. leaking radiator or faulty radiator cap