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If a 2000 GMC Jimmy will start but won't allow you to shift out of park and the Security light on the dash comes on when you try to start what might be the problem?

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August 04, 2007 12:25AM

I'm not sure how simmilar the problem I had is to this one but i hope this helps: My 1998 GMC Jimmy would not release the key from the ignition, and it would sometimes stick in park... The soultion i found is that there is a bunch of (about 4) wires conected to the "shifting column" underneath the boot (near the top left of the boot and about 3 inches down) our problem was caused by having the wires in that connector come loose. the solution was to push the wires back into the connecting peice.

Appearantly GMC didn't think twice about putting fragile electrical components near moving parts...I don't know how similar the 1998 is to the 2000 model but i still hope this helps.