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If a 2001 Grand Am was fine but then would not start yet turns over and the fuel pump is running and filter was changed what could be wrong?


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The needs for combustion are fuel, spark and compression. It sounds as though fuel is eliminated, I doubt compression. Pull a plug and hook the wire to it and crank it, does it spark?

Just had this problem with my 2001 Grand Am. Was just about to take it to a shop when I ran across an article that said that the RKE (remote keyless entry) system has a bug in it that for some reason prohibits the vehicle from starting. More often than not it happens out of the blue. To fix the problem you have to reset your computer. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position and leave it there for 10 minutes, then turn the key off and try to start it. It should start, worked for mine.


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This could possibly be a fuel problem. Has the fuel filter been changed ? Fuel pressure checked ? Is there dirt in the fuel tank ?

could be oxygen sensor. there actually are two on the car. could be alot of different things. vacuum leak possibly, fuel pump.

If there is a PVC valve and hose and filter connected to the air intake, oil could be sucked up from the valve covers when the throttle is applied. perhaps the PVC valve needs to be changed.

There are many ways you could replace the fuel filter in a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee such as taking it to a garage. You could use the manual as a step-by-step guide as well.

Were you having problems before you changed the filter? If yes you probably have a bad fuel pump; if no there is likely some kind of fuel blockage in the supply lines or filter. Again, it still could be the fuel pump.

To the best of my knowledge the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee did not come equiped with a cabin air filter. You could call a dealer service center to verify.

Check your Air Filter connection. Many times if you go to the shop to get your oil changed they will also check and see if you may be in need of a air filter. Sometimes they forget to tighten the hose connected to the Air Filter, which could cause the car not to run. It might start, but will not stay running!

could be clogged fuel injectors or a fuel filter.

Need to run a fuel pressure test. Specs. are 9 to 13 LBS. You could very well have a bad fuel pump. CHECK PRESSURE.

I don't know about the Explorer but I had an experience with a Ford Mustang. I changed about everything I could think of related to the non-starting problem. Then I discovered there was a filter in the gas tank. Changed it and the problem disappeared!

Could be many factors, but assuming car is in otherwise maintained condition, suspect bad fuel filter.

Could use more info but, try replacing the fuel filter.

Could possibly be the fuel filter if not, fuel pump or pressure regulator.

It could leak while the filer is off. Once the filter is back on, there should be no leaks.

It could be low oil pressure. Or it could be low on oil. Or it could be running hot. Or a fuel filter may be clogged up.

When the oil pump was changed, was the pickup tube cleaned also? Could that be plugged?

There could be several things that will make your 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited overheat even if you just changed your radiator. There may be a head gasket blown.

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