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Was the motor replaced by a new or known good used one?

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Does voltage on ground mean open ground?

Voltage on ground can mean an open ground. It can also mean (high) current on ground, due to a ground fault such as reversed neutral and ground.

Is transmission voltage a phase to phase voltage or a phase to ground voltage?

Phase to Phase voltageCorrection to the above answer:There is no such thing as a 'phase-to-phase' or 'phase-to-ground' voltage. The correct terms are 'line-to-line' (or 'line voltage') and 'line-to-ground' (or 'phase voltage'). Transmission-line voltages are line-to-line (or 'line') voltages.

Is delta delta connected transformer line to line voltage is same with line to ground voltage?

No. Line to line voltage is 1.732 (square root of 3) times the line to ground voltage on a properly balanced system.

Why would a 2001 Ford Escape XLS be hard to start when it rains?

try replacing your spark plug wires, as they get old damp conditions will allow the spark to "ground out" sending your voltage back to ground instead of to your spark plugs where it belongs. good luck

What are the 3 wires on a map sensor for a 5.7 hemi?

5 volt supply, sensor ground and signal voltage.5 volt supply, sensor ground and signal voltage.

What are the differences between voltage and potential difference?

Voltage is the potential difference to the ground. By convention, ground potential is zero volt.The above answer is incorrect. 'Voltage', by definition, is potential difference. It has nothing to do with being measured with respect to ground -in fact potential difference (voltage) cannot be measured with respect to anything.

What is the voltage to ground of 13800 volts line to line?

On a three phase system with a line to line voltage of 13800, a wye connection will give you a voltage of, 13800/1.73 = 7977 volts to ground.

Phase to ground voltage?

There is such a thing, what is your question?

Why neutral ground voltage is 120v sometime 0v?

There should be no voltage on the neutral wire to ground. This is a serious situation. Call a qualified electrician to check this out.

Why do you have voltage to ground but not voltage phase to phase?

There is phase to phase voltage in 3 phase system.AnswerYou don't get voltage 'phase-to-phase'; it's 'line-to-line'!

What cause excessive ripple voltage from a power supply.?

I think the cause of ripple voltage would be from a bad ground or capacitve voltage.

The difference between short to a voltage circuit and short to a ground circuit?

A short circuit is an abnormal connection between two nodes intended to be at different voltages. A voltage circuit is caused intentionally for the purpose of voltage sensing. A ground circuit occurs between a phase and the ground.

How do you get the earth to neutral voltage below 1Volt after earthing is done?

If you are reading a voltage it is the drop across the resistance to ground. To get rid of the voltage get the resistance lower. This can be accomplished by installing more ground rods to the grounding system. Utility companies usually like 3 ohms to ground or less.

Where is the location of the voltage regulator on a 2008 dodge ram 1500 truck?

The voltage regulator for the alternator is in the computer. If the voltage regulator in the computer does not work, you can add an external voltage regulator and then your battery will charge normally. Make sure to check the ground on the computer. If the ground is bad on the computer, then the computer will not regulate the voltage to the alternator properly.

Describe the difference between a sourcing input and a sinking input?

An NPN or sinking output accepts voltage and sinks it to ground to complete the circuit. A PNP or sourcing output sources voltage and the external circuit sinks it to ground to complete the circuit. A sourcing circuit would be drawn as voltage->switch->load->ground. A sinking circuit would be drawn as Voltage->load->switch->ground. In these cases, the switch could be a transistor.

How do you tell if the ground wire is bad?

If the voltage between real ground and the ground wire is not 0.0000 Volt, then the wire is not grounded properly.

Does line to ground voltage always half the value of line to line voltage?

Line to Ground voltage = line to line voltage / 1.73AnswerIt depends what configuration is being measured. In the case of the secondary of a split-phase distribution transformer used to supply residences in North America, the answer is yes. In the case of a star (wye) connected secondary distribution transformer used to supply residences in Europe, no: the line to ground voltage will be as described in the first answer.

What does the ground of an Integrated Circuit mean?

A: a ground on an IC is just a reference to the lowest point of voltage that can be applied.

Does uranus have solid ground?

nope it doesnt its a gas giant

Use of transistor 7812?

The 7812 is not a transistor, it is an integrated circuit. the 78xx series are voltage regulators, where the xx indicates the voltage, in this case 12V. pinouts may vary, but most commonly it goes input, ground, output from left to right while reading the number. if you connect a voltage source between input and ground (with the positive on the input, negative on the ground), the voltage between output and ground will be 12V. if the chip is heatsinked, it can source 1 amp.

How can reduce the earth to neutral voltage?

by perfect earth and neutral , we can reduce the E-N voltage. <<>> To reduce ground neutral voltage increase the number of ground rods or ground plates. By doing this the resistance is lowered. not only the ground plat in consumer side , also do the perfect earthing in transformer neutral . other vise P-N V < P-E V .

What is the voltage between point a and B?

It is the difference between the voltage at point B and point a in reference e.g. to ground. So if point B is 345 Volts and point a is 55 Volts (in reference to ground), the voltage between a and B is 290 Volts.

What is negative 48 volt DC voltage?

Negative 48 volt DC voltage is simply a voltage that is negative 48 volts with respect to ground. This voltage is widely used in telecommunication systems.

What is the ground in an electrical circuit?

"Ground" is an important concept in electronics and it has practical significance. Ground provides a reference from which all other voltages are "measured". It is generally held a zero volts. Ground comes from the old nomenclature of "earth ground" and sometimes it is still referred to as "earth". Occasionally, you will see "chassis ground". Chassis ground refers to the voltage of the electronics chassis, which sometimes is isolated from earth ground and there may be (usually there is) a voltage differential between earth ground and chassis ground. The intent of most three prong plugs is to keep the chassis ground the same voltage as earth ground. If this were not the case, there could be the potential (pun intended) of a nasty shock.

Could the neutral point voltage be like phase voltage?

Yes,when the neutral potential is at ground potential i.e., 0v.

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