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It could be any of a number of problems: hose, freeze plug, gasket and since the description is a little vague it might even be the water pump. You'll need to get up close and personal with the underside of the engine to find the locaton of the leak.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-27 02:31:03
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Q: If a 94 wrangler is leaking antifreeze but its back by the oil pan could it be a hose or something more serious?
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Where is Antifreeze leaking in a 1995 Toyota Camry?

Usually if it's not serious, check the cooling system hoses.

Is it possible for a timing chain cover gasket to be leaking antifreeze and why?

It is possible and if it is you have a serious problem. Seek professional help.

Antifreeze leaks into the oil is vehicle still good?

You've got either a leaking intake gasket or a leaking head gasket. It's a serious problem which needs to be repaired.

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What do we heard in valve leaks?

If it is loosing coolant then you have a leak. Could be the reservoir itself is leaking. Cold also be a leaking water pump, or a blown head gasket. Have this looked at immediately as a blown head gasket will cause serious engine damage. You need to find this leak.Answerif this helps, when antifreeze/coolant leaks in to the engine 99% of the time the vehicle will blow white smoke out the tail pipe.also if your oil changes to a milky white substance you have antifreeze/coolant leaking into the engine.the previous answer has the right sugestions,have it checked.

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1997 2.2 Pontiac sunfire why is antifreeze leaking in back of motor?

Without knowing exactly where the leak is, it's hard to be specific.However, coolant leaking from the engine at any place thatis not involved with the cooling system is a badthing.Since you state that the leak is at the back of the motor, I thinkthat It could be a blown head gasket, or it could be a crackedengine block. Either case is serious.This is something you should address soon, if you planto keep the car.FriPilot

Why is my antifreeze leaking out of my 2000 Ford Taurus and why does it smell?

I really don't understand what you are asking. Anti-freeze is leaking because you have a leak. But you already know that. If you are smelling coolant at the exhaust, then STOP driving this vehicle. You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head, or both. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to drive it. Anti-Freeze smells sweet.

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certainly seems too new for something too serious, check your universal joints and drive shaft for wear, looseness or objects coming into contact with them.

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Will the heater work if you have a leaking heater core dodge ram?

Yes, it will work, but poorly, and you will put both your vehicle's engine and interior at serious risk. The leaking water and antifreeze can damage your carpets, floorboards and upholstery, not to mention having your windows foggy all the time, obscuring your view. More importantly, the coolant loss reduces the radiator's ability to cool the engine and automatic transmission properly. Also, it should be noted that a leak will only worsen over time.

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Just got a 2003 suzuki gsx-r750 with 24kmiles why does my motorcycle over heat and start leaking water or antifreeze what ever it is please help im in need to ride an this is making me very upset.?

Sounds like you have some serious problems with your cooling system. The best way to get it diagnosed would be to take it to a motorcycle shop.

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You have an internal leak. You can have a blown head gasket which is very serious and must be repaired immediately.

When you changed your oil it was gray muddy looking with metal in it and the car sounds loud?

You have serious problems in your engine - something may be broken, or possibly something else caused that, like a blown head gasket leaking coolant into your crankcase, which can cause real thick clouding. Take it to an expert engine mechanic ASAP.

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