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Most likely a blown head gasket. Check for foam in your oil, if yes, then for sure, it's a blown head gasket. Oill will look white and foamy in most cases

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:31:48
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Q: If a 95 Saturn SL1 overheats and has oil in the water what could be the problem?
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What could still be the problem changed the heater core and thermostat flushed system to get all the air pockets out and it still overheats?

water pump

When your coolant leaks out in the front of the motor and overheats what is the problem?

it is probably your water pump

96 Saturn and you changed the water pump and thermostat and it has a over heating problem you put coolant in and you get no heat but it overheats how can you solve this?

Change the thermostat. lol. Simple but the water pump wont work if the thermostat is stuck closed. Good luck. Kyle

1995 Saturn overheats when idling or stuck in traffice you have already replace the air temp sensor?

change the water temp sensor

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96 Ford Windstar has overheating problems but the radiator and thermostat is fine after a few miles it overheats and smoke comes from the air intake what is the problem?

Could be the water pump is not working properly.

If you just replaced your radiator and thermostat but your 2000 jeep grand Cherokee still overheats what could be the problem?

dose the electric fan run if not check the relay if it runs check the water pump

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1996 Ford Taurus engine overheats and boiling water overflows to reservoir?

this could be due to defective or clogged thermostat

Your 1995 Saturn SC 2 overheats when stuck in traffic temperature control sensor has been replaced?

Check the radiator fan, fuse and plug. It could also be the water pump, but you'll need to do a little diagnostic work to find out what's causing the trouble.

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94 BMW 325i overheats and heater blows cold air replaced thermostat water pump and flushed system what's the problem?

My guess is the head gasket, have same problem. Nightmare

What else could be wrong with my 97 Seville STS It overheats and I've already replaced the thermostat with no change.?

it could be the water pump or a blown head gasket

Were could engine coolant be leaking from a 1997 Cavalier Z24 2.4l when it sits over night on the street?

It could be coming from the water pump, or from the bottom radiator hose. If it is the water pump, change it before the engine overheats. If the engine in any GM product overheats, you will likely be installing a new one or rebuilding the old.

Car overheats when idle?

Thermostat regulator is malfunctioning, water pump pulley could be bad, gas bubble in radiator hose.

1993 Dodge Dakota truck overheats in hot weather on idle only how stiff should the clutch fan be could this be the problem?

With the engine OFF & cold the fan should not turn more then a 1/4 turn or less. If it spins more then a turn that could be part of the overheating problem. I would check your water pump & belt.

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Why 1994 v8 tarns am overheats?

first check to make sure your fan comes on. if it does then there are several things that could be wrong. first do you have enough water/antifreeze in the radiatior. check to make sure you have no leaks. then replace the thermostat located in the top radiator belt housing connected to the motor. if it still overheats try replacing the water pump. if it still overheats after that check your oil to see if theres water in it if there is you blew a head gasket

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