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If a Betta's tail is torn by another fish will it grow back?

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Yes, but slowely.

2006-08-07 16:34:52
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Do bettas grow back fins?


Do goldfish eyes grow back after being eaten by another fish?

The answer, sadly, is no, the eyes will not grow back and the fish will remain blind for the rest of its life.

How do you tell if a betta has a tummor?

bettas can't get tumors because they are fish, it is probaly just plump and healthyBettas do get tumors. Its nothing to do with them being a fish at all. All living things have the ability to grow tumors.

How large can betta fish get?

bettas dont u sally grow more then 3 or 4 inches.

How can fish be influenced by another fish?

Bettas become particularly aggressive when they find other fish with large fins. This is an example of an influence in behavior. Fish can also be influenced depending on how many fish that live in the same tank. If there are little amounts of fish, they will grow quickly and large, as opposed to fish who are tightly packed in one tank, who don't grow as much and, sometimes, stuns their growth.

Do goldfish pectoral fin grow back after being torn or eaten by another fish?


How big do Siamese fighting fish grow?

They don't grow extremely big, but they aren't very small, either. Typically, bettas are two to three inches.

Does a fish eye grow back?


Can a fish fin grow back?


Do fish grow their fins back?


Can Siamese fighting fish grow new tails?

That depends on how extensive the damage to the tail is. So I'd evaluate the situation first. Do you have your betta in a tank with other fish? If so, he needs his own home. Bettas are loners. But the short answer to your question is yes. As long as the damage does not extend all the way to the fin base, it should grow back in a couple of months. It may not grow back with any color at first, but it should reappear eventually.

Will a Siamese fighter fish grow its tail back?

yes and it might take awhile but it will grow back

Can bettas grow back torn tail fins?

Yes the tail fins will eventually grow back but they will most likely not be as good as they were

How big can bettas grow?

2-3 inches

Will the Goldfish Tail grow back if its been eaten by another fish?

If they tail have been damages up to the body it is less common for it to grow back. If the tail is damaged only partly then yes, it will grown back but it may not be as perfect as it was before.

Do lost fish scales grow back?

yea they do

Can a fish tail grow back from the base of the tail?


Do all fish grow there fin back after being eaten off?

probably when they grow

How long could the bettas grow?

2-3 inches

Do molly fins grow back after being torn or eaten by another fish?

Provided the fish is given proper food and good conditions, yes the fins will grow back. The new fin(s) are never as perfect as the old ones. There is usually some deformity (scarring) resulting from the damage.

If a star fish looses its legs will they grow back?


Will your black angel fan tail fish grow her scale back?

Yes, of course! When they lose their scales, they always grow back!

Why do star fish grow back a leg when other animals or insects don't have the ability to do so?

They have special enzymes that grow it back

How long does it take for algae to grow in an fish aquarium?

Algae can grow back in as soon as 5 hrs.

How old are Bettas when you buy them?

Bettas are typically about 2 years old when you buy them at it takes that length of time to grow their flowing fins; the females may be slightly younger since they do not grow fins like a male.