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If a Football game began at 12 When would it officially end at?


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An official Football match is 90 minutes long.

The rules of each match are decided beforehand or following the ongoing Championship or Tournament rules according to FIFA´s determinations.

It is made of 2 halves of 45 minutes each...the half-time break is 15 minutes.

Each half might be increased by any number of minutes desired by the referee taking into account the number of fouls or other stoppage that might have happened.

If the game has to be decided after a tie, there might happen the OVERTIME, which is of 30 minutes in two halves of 15 minutes.

The team that scores the most goals by the end of overtime is the winner.

If the rule says the game will be decided by a GOLDEN GOAL, the first team to score wins and the game finishes at any time the goal is scored.

If none of thiese happen, the mach foes to the PENALTY KICKS, which by the way has no time limit specified.


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A professional football game officially starts with the Kickoff.

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The length of a soccer game is officially 90 minutes. Unlike American football however the clock does not stop during the game, so. The time keeper can add extra minutes at the end of official time. These minutes are to account for stops in play, (injuries, disputes, yellow cards, red cards, ball out of play times.

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60 minutes of playing; 15 for each quarter

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Because it began as a kicking-oriented game and is one of the world's football codes, along with association football (soccer), rugby football, Gaelic football, and Australian rules football.

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I believe in 1869, college football began with a game between Rutgers and Princeton in New Jersey

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