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If EGR has been replaced reset (turn off) check engine light by using a OBD scanner or unhook the negative cable from the battery for a minute and then re connect. Check engine light will be off until you drive the vehicle for a short drive. However the light will reappear if some other problem exists with the Egr system. (Also Check vacuum hose(s)to EGR for leaks.) This is only a simplified answer.

2006-08-07 20:00:43
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What do you do if your printer comes up with an error message?

It is best to do what the error message suggests. If there is no suggestion in the error message, look in your user's manual for error messages and suggested actions.

How do you get your iMac to stop giving you an error message?

That depends on what the error message is, which you did not list.

What does excel displays error message that begins with?

An error message begins with the pound sign (#).

What is error 633?

This is error display system , when you modem is not install or configure properly

Why the message privacy error for my yahoo mail?

My yahoo mail inbox message says privacy error. Why?

What is the different between Message Error and Beep sound error?

Message error sound: chord An error from a program happened error=warning Message beap error sound: Ding A question us being asked by windows to the user Critical message: Windows Critical Stop A rogram is at risk or is being shut down hope it helped :)

To what does a REF error message refer?

A REF error message is a message that is used in the Windows Excel program, part of the Office package, in that there is an error input or output in an excel cell data pack.

How could a new USB flash drive display error message file will not fit?

Format the drive

Can you duplicate the error or is it intermittent Why would a tech ask this?

An intermittent error might be caused by a random or seemingly random effect, such as a lose connection. The ability to reproduce an error, on the other hand, provides important clues to the nature of the error through inspection of the steps required to reproduce the error, and offers the opportunity to instrument the environment (for example, by enabling trace message logging) in order to gather more details about the error.

Error message message in my computer how do i fix it?

type in the error code in your search engine window and learn a bit from the results. IEXPLORE.EXE-Application Error The instruction at 0x10003dfb "referenced memory at 0x006e0069". The memory could not be "written". Click OK to terminate the program Click on cancel to debug the program

Why do you sometimes get an Error message when you try and send a message on WikiAnswers?

If someone has messaged a user at the same time as yourself, then you may get an error message while the other message is processed and posted. Simply wait for a while and repeat your message.

An error message reads parity error what is the cause?

RAM problem.

Why do you keep getting error messages and disconnected from the Internet on Tiscali Broadband even though everything including the hardware is working fine?

You would need to google the exact error message to find out what is causing this error message. When you resolve the error message you will not get disconnected. You can also do a system restore to a date you did not have the error messages

In DVD Architect what does the error message A write error occurred. The disc may be dirty or corrupted mean?

An error message will usually inform the user exactly what the problem is, but sometimes these messages can be a bit confusing. In this case, the message could mean one of three things. Either the disk already has content and cannot be burned; it could be dirty, thus making it impossible to get a good burn; or the disk drive itself may need cleaning.

How do you Display The Error Messages in PHP?

To display your own defined error message in php simply echo error message. To see errro message while query execution simply do mysql_error(); Or so enable syntax error and warnings use error_reporting(1) in the beggining of script.

When you safely remove hardware the USB it receives the error message How can solve this problem?

It will depend on what device is being removed and what is the exact error message.

What is the default error handling in PHP?

The default error handling in PHP is simply an error message with a filename, line number, and a small message describing the error. This information however, can be invaluable to increasing the security potential of a website or business.

What are the two things you should write down if you get an error message on the computer?

Write down the entire error message. Also, list what you were doing before you got the error. Include the program you were working in.

Yellow box testing?

Yellow box testing is basically an error message testing.. Yellow box testing is basically an error message testing..

Why can't I log in to my Fanfiction profile it just comes up with an error message?

We don't know what error message so we can't help. Sorry.

Why do you sometimes get a message that you cannot post your message on someone's message board?

Depending on the error, it could either mean that someone posted before you got a chance to, or possibly, the message board could have been protected. If you get a yellow message, and there is no box to type, then it means that the message board was protected. If you are able to click the post button, but then it pops up a screen asking you to edit the board, then it means that someone posted before you.

When you start IGI 1 you get fatal error?

when iam project igi give fatal error directx error message. unknon error

Error message 'Now it s safe to turn on your computer'?

That wouldn't be an error.

What is database errors?

Testing: Can I leave a message when a syntax error shows up for this page on my computer? Testing: Can I lease a message even though I see a message that says 'syntax error' on this page on my computer?

Why does rumble fighter say error?

There might be some kind of error launching the game. It depends on what the error message is. Next time please include the message so that you can actually get an answer which may fix the problem.