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Yes, if the mother applies for naturalization, the child gets it too if still a minor.

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Q: If a Mexican marries a US citizen is her child who was born in Mexico able to become a citizen?
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Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


If a person from Mexico marries a us citizen do they automaticlly become a us citizen?

No, but it makes it easier

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Do you have to live in Mexico to become a Mexican citizen?


If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.

What did settlers have to do for land from Mexico?

American settlers had to become a citizen of Mexico and follow Mexican law.

Can a US citizen become a citizen of Mexico if he is married there?

No. Immigrants must fulfill certain requirements to become Mexican nationals.

Does a Mexican citizen become a legal American if marries a American?

Not automatically. They have to apply for a green card and then apply for Naturalization.

If i become a Mexican American citizen do you waive your Mexican rights?

Last time I checked no. Even if you become a citizen of Mexico, you don't have all of the rights of native mexicans.

How does a Mexican mother of American child become a citizen?

father borm in san francisco but the mother is an mexican citizen and baby born in mexico is the baby an american citizen

How do you become a Mexican citizen if you are a USA citizen living in Mexico and married to a Mexican National?


What do you need to become a Mexican citizen when youre an American citizen that's born in Mexico?

More than likely, you are already a Mexican citizen. Get your birth documents together and just get a mexican passport to prove Mexican citizenship.

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