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No, only when the child is an adult (18) can they request a green card for the parents. They will be illegal until then, unless they marry a citizen or get an employer to sponsor them.

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Q: If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does the parent receive citizenship?
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If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does where does the baby have citizenship?

He is Mexican and American (has dual citizenship).

Is it illegal to marry an illegal immigrant they get their citizenship and then get divorced?

Yes, it is.

If a Mexican has been here for over 3 years?

If he/she doesn't have legal documents to proof citizenship, he/she is still an illegal immigrant.

Is Gary an illegal immigrant?

Hell yeah Gary's an freaking illegal Mexican immigrant that eats his Mexican beans all day

Does an illegal immigrant get social security?

not if they do not have citizenship or possibly have a higher chance of it if they are applying for citizenship.

If you get married to an illegal immigrant can they apply for citizenship?

yes but you have to do it for your spouse

How does an illegal Mexican immigrant get the work permit?

They don't...

Is marrying an illegal immigrant legal?

Marrying a citizen is not enough to get citizenship. If the marriage was done to get citizenship and there was no love or committment, the marriage is illegal.

Is there a problem to get a us citizenship if you married to an illegal Mexican?


Can you marry an illegal immigrant and him still get citizenship if you are a felon?


What is an illegal immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is a person that has broken the law by entering or remaining in another country in violation of the laws of that country.

If im an illegal immigrant can you become a citizen?

Unless you can attain refugee or asylum status, it is impossible for an illegal immigrant to attain citizenship with current U.S. laws.

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