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When you have a phone unlocked it simply means that it will accept any sim card (any compatible sim card). So once its unlocked you dont have to worry about re-locking it. You can put your 3 sim card back in if you want, or an orange one or voda or keep the o2 one in. Its your choice.

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How do you unlock a Nokia n8?

Nokia N8 comes unlocked for any GSM network.

Will nokia 6300 unlocked accept a 3 simcard?

If the Nokia phone is already unlocked, then it should be able to support the frequency that 3 network operates on, hence you can insert a 3 network SIM card.

Where can one buy Nokia unlocked cell phones?

One can buy Nokia unlocked cell phones from Best Buy, Target and the Carphone Warehouse. Unlocked cell phones means cell phones that are not locked into a certain Network.

If you get a phone in Florida will it work in a different state?

If the Network there in other states means sure you can use it,Otherwise your nokia phone needs to be unlocked from network lock,You can unlock it means use with any GSM network sim card,you can unlock the Nokia using the unlock code.

Where can someone go to have their Nokia phone unlocked?

The best thing a person can do if they have to have their Nokia phone unlocked is to go to the retailer where the person has an account. If they have a contract with Sprint, then they can go to a Sprint store to get it unlocked.

How much does it cost get an unlocked Nokia 6131 phone?

An unlocked Nokia 6131 flip phone from a reputable dealer should cost about $150-175

Is it legal to purchase a unlocked nokia 6131 phone?

No, it is not legal to purchase a unlocked nokia 6131 phone. You can read more at It is legal to purchase an unlocked Nokia 6131 phone. You want to be sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer. If the phone was unlocked incorrectly it can potentially void any warranty or even make the phone non-functional.

How much does a Nokia N8 cost unlocked in Australia or America?

no answer

Can you use tesco simcard in your nokia phone?

If the phone is "unlocked" then "yes".

Will the Nokia N97 White 3G Unlocked GSM work in Venezuela?

Yes it will. you need to make sure it is unlocked and a quad-band. in your case you should be good as long as it is unlocked

The network unlocking code for a Nokia?

youb can get network unlocking code for Nokia mobiles from any vendors online like

Can a Nokia n95 8gb be unlocked?

hold the power button for 30 seconds.

Can the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charge?

There is no wireless charger scrubs.

Can you buy a Nokia 1100 without having a contract?

Yes. Prices vary for locked and unlocked phones (unlocked generally being a bit more expensive). The Nokia 1100 can be bought, with no contract, from eBay and Amazon amongst others.

Does nokia 6303c support 3g network?


How much is the nokia e75?

$230 unlocked and i dont know how much it is other ways

Can you use a nokia sim card with a Motorola phone if the phone is unlocked?

If both the SIM you want to use and the phone you want to use it on are unlocked, then this is possible.

How do you unlock nokia code if forgot?

I have unlocked my mobile through unlock code. I got unlock code from this site . Then i unlocked my mobile easily

Where is the best place to get unlocked Nokia cell phones?

The best place to get unlocked Nokia cell phones is Amazon. Amazon has a wide variety, easy shipping, and has the added benefit of allowing different companies to compete, giving you the cheapest price.

Where can I find an unlocked nokia 6131 phone online?

You can find an unlocked nokia 6131 phone online on major sites like eBay, craigslist. However, try because they carry a large number of GSM unlocked phones for every company. However, on craigslist, you can find a cheaper unlocked phone than the mobile city, but the choice is up to you.

How do you unlock Nokia 5233?

You can network unlock Nokia 5230 from any vendors online like

How do you unlock memory card nokia 6233?

I am not sure about the NOKIA but most phones, probably all phones can be unlocked at a store. My phone got unlocked at a small store in Edinburgh, but I am sure there are many others. And if you are lucky you can get it probably for quite cheap at the right store.

What is mobile ad hoc network?

2626 nokia

Is the nokia 7373 phone on the Next G network?


Which is better wipro or nokia siemens network?