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sounds like you could have worn rings, recheck and see if your smoke is black or blue-grey. if blue-grey(burning oil) I would check the compression in the cylinders you found oil(white crust on the plug) if you have wet oil on the plugs it is almost always external, I would change the valve cover gaskets. if the noise is a nocking type sound it is time to replace you short block. good luck!!!!

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Q: If a Rover 214i kept cutting out so you checked the spark plugs and found oil and cleaned it and it was fine but now black smoke comes from the exhaust and the engine is making a banging sound what is wrong?
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Is it safe to drive your car with burning smell from exhaust?

No. have exhaust checked/repaired

Is an exhaust pipe cutting tool better than a sawzall?

For cutting exhaust pipes, the proper tool is definitely better than a sawzall.

What could cause a loud banging noise from under the rear of the vehicle?

back struts are bad or exhaust is loose

State the purpose of the exhaust system?

To route harmful gases to the rear of the car after the catalytic converter has cleaned up the exhaust as much as possible. Also the muffler is used to quite the exhaust.

What is causing an 88 Jeep Cherokee to make a Banging noise in the rear passenger area it isn't the driveshaft it was checked already.?

check the exhaust system for loose mounting clamps. Check the shock, springs, and bushings. also check the gas tank straps. If the banging is when the gears are changed from park to reverse, recheck the u-joints, at the ends of the drive shaft. Brakes can sometimes make a banging noise. if not these then look for loose nuts, bolt in the area of the noise. then the sound may be coming directly from the the rear end or the transmission. hope it helps. duboff

What causes a banging noise under the rear end of a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Bad shock mount? Loose exhaust system?

Does cutting down your exhaust pipe save on gas mileage or just make your exhaust sound louder?

no lol its just louder it adds 50 hp what if the twin exhaust is the some size of the single exhaust

How to tell if water pump is bad or if a cracked head car will putter overheat when it will start and little bit of white smoke with water out of the exhaust?

The white smoke out of the exhaust will indicate a head or a head gasket issue. the only way to tell is to pull the head and inspect for signs of a bad gasket and have the head cleaned and checked for cracks or warping.

What will happen if you do not replace an exhaust manifold that is leaking?

If the leak is against the head, it can burn tracks into the exhaust port faces as if done by a cutting torch.

What causes the car to smell like fume?

That could be a leaking exhaust system. A leaking exhaust system is very dangerous! Please have it checked out ASAP.

Why is there a hollow can sound in the fuselage of your impala?

Probably a bad exhaust pipe and/or muffler. Have it checked.....

Does cutting the exhaust pipes make for better gas mileage?

In theory, removing the exhaust pipes or cutting holes in them could increase the gas mileage. However, in most states it is illegal and could cause damage to the valves inside the engine.

Can cutting the exhaust too short on a third generation camaro cause the motor to shake too much?

The exhaust might shake, not the motor I had dual side exhaust on my 88 350 ran sweet!

How do you fix rotten egg smell on a 2000 Cadillac DTS?

From exhaust?? Have catalytic converter checked.

Why does emissions light come on?

If the emissions light turns on there is a problem with the exhaust system. The oxygen sensor, erg system and exhaust should be checked for any leaks or malfunctions.

Why does my Mazda smell like rotten eggs?

You may have an exhaust leak. Better get it checked out. Any exhaust leaking into the cabin/passenger area can be potentially hazardous and deadly.

Why does a exhaust smell come out the vents?

You have an exhaust leak and most likely the ventilation system is operating on fresh air mode and exhaust is being drawn in. BE WARNED exhaust is carbon monoxide and is a poisonous gas, get it checked and repaired ASE certified master tech / L1

How do you remove a cat converter 98 bravada?

you will need a exhaust pipe cutting tool and a socket set

What is the black hair like material coming out of your car exhaust?

It's probably oil, and you need to get that checked out immediately.

What is wrong if a white smoke comes from the exhaust on a 1980 Chevy Citation but only during acceleration and when in park or at a stop light it does not?

It is possible there is a baad oil leak on the exhaust. Have it checked out. Good luckJoe

Why does your car give off the smell of exhaust when im am driving?

Could be several reasons but most importantly, get the car checked out soon. If you are smelling exhaust inside the car you could get sick or worse.

You have replaced your exhaust system with a new one up to the exhaust manifold the exhaust manifold looks fine but you still get loud engine noise inside the car?

have you checked to see if there is any broken bolt on the manifold, or worped manifold, burnt manifold gasket

What does it mean when the exhaust gas regulation light comes on?

If vacuum hose to EGR is ok, then valve may need to be replaced, or passages cleaned out.

What cause exhaust to glow red when driving 660 Atv?

This can be caused by the exhaust valve being either bent, worn or not seating properly. If this is the case then get this checked out A.S.A.P as this could cause severe damage.

Why does my Pontiac 6000 engine smell inside the car gives me a headache?

Carbon monoxide (exhaust gas) will cause a headache. It can also induce uncontrollable sleepiness. Have this checked immediately. Chances are you have an exhaust leak.