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Its very likely 2 matings will make her pregnant, unless the dogs dodgy, or its a split season.

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Q: If a Shih Tzu mated twice for 10 minutes will she be pregnant?
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Your female Shih Tzu mated with two male Shih Tzus how can l tell who the father is?

Just like your question, both of the male shih tzus are the fathers.

How long is a shih tzu pregnant?

Average gestation for a Shih Tzu is 62 days

How long can a shih tzu be pregnant?

The term of a shih-tzu pregnancy is about 2 month

Your Shih Tzus is vomiting and dont know why?

Its either that he or she love its food or if its a female shih tzu, it can be pregnant

How big is a shih tzu puppy?

I breed shih tzu puppies and when they are ready to go to their home they usually weigh around 4lbs. how long is the female shih tzu pregnant

How long is a shih tzu preganete?

All dogs are pregnant for 9 weeks

How long before Shih Tzu can get pregnant?

wote age does a shitzu go on heat

How long are shih tzus pregnant?

A shih tzus pregnancy lasts up to two months and when your shih tzus is in labor she will start hyperventalating. so check up on her on the 63rd day of her pregnancy because that's her labor day.

Do imperial shih tzus shed?

the Shih Tzu does shed especially the female when she is in heat, pregnant or nursing. And they DO mat and they mat a lot! they need to be brushed every day to avoid it

Can a Jack Russell get a Shih Tzu pregnant?

Yes, any male dog can get any female dog pregnant if they are both fertile, regardless of their breeds.

Which is better a male shih tzu or female?

A female shih tzu is better, that's why they always cost more than male. Females can get pregnant and have babies that you an sell... males don't have babies.

How many times a year do female shih-tzu dogs go into heat?

Twice a year same as most breeds

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