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go into device manager and uninstall it. restart your computer, it will find and reinstall that restarted mine

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โˆ™ 2005-11-15 17:19:30
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Q: If a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1402 will not play DVDs how do you fix it?
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What is a toshiba HD DVD player?

Toshiba is a particular type of electronics brand. They produce a wide range of electronics, in this case being an HD DVD player which will play DVDs (digital video discs) in HD (high definition resolution).

Are Toshiba HD DVD players better than a PS3 for playing HD?

HD DVD players can only play HD DVDs whereas a PS3 can play standard and HD DVDs, as well as Blu-Ray discs. You would be better off with the PS3 as it can play games as well, if you ever want to play those, too.

Does the ps2 play DVDs?

Yes Play Station 2 can play DVDs.

Does the Toshiba C55t-A play bluray?

Yes, the Toshiba C55T does play the bluray.

What is the fix for a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista that will not recognize its DVD drive?

My sister has a Toshiba laptop and I have try ed to play DVDs on it but if wont recognize any DVD. at all! It is not only you that is having trouble with this! The people at the electronic store said it did not come with a DVD. player in it!:( But it will play Cd's!

Does the Playstation play DVDs?

No only the PS2 and PS3 can play DVDs

Can the PS2 play DVDs?

Yes it was designed to be able to play DVDs

Will the Wii U play DVDs?

Nope the Wii U will not play DVDS

Does DVDs play on original Xbox?

No, you cannot play DVDs on the original Xbox.

Can a PS2 play Region 2 DVDs?

A PS2 can play DVDs from the region that it is from

Can playstation 2 play DVDs?

Yes, the Ps2 can play DVDs. But cannot play blu-ray.

What kind of DVD player will play HD DVDs?

To play a high definition DVD, you need a high definition DVD player. There are two types available currently. HD DVD, developed by Toshiba is one and BluRay, developed by Sony is the other. They are not compatible, so an HD DVD will not play on a BluRay player and a BluRay disc will not play on an HD DVD player. BluRay looks like it is the winner in the format war between the two companies over the last years so it is likely that Toshiba's format will disappear in the coming months. Note that HD DVD can refer to the Toshiba format but it can also refer to high definition DVDs in general.

Will region 4 DVDs play in Ireland?

Ireland is in Region 2 for DVDs, so Region 4 DVDs will not play in Ireland.

Can the Wii U play DVDs?

No, the Nintendo Wii U cannot play DVDs

Does the Wii U play DVDs?

No, the Nintendo Wii U cannot play DVDs.

Can I play a movie DVD on a sony ps1?

No the Playstation does not play DVDs, only the PS2 and PS3 can play DVDs

Can a Nintendo Wii play bluray dvds?

No. Wiis don't play DVDs or CDs either

How do you play burnt dvds on Blu-ray?

All DVDs can play on Blu-Ray players

Can a Wii play Blu-ray DVDs?

No, a Wii can't play blue-ray DVDs.

Can all PlayStation or PlayStation2 console play DVDs?

Yes all PS2s can play DVDs so can the PS3, but they can not play all DVDs from any area or format. No DVD Player can do that. Playstation can not play a DVD because it has only a CD and is not DVD capable any more than a CD player can Play DVDs some playstation2 can play DVDs and some can not .it depends on the area

Does the old PS2 play DVDs?

in fact the old ps2 can play dvds but not blue ray ones

Will region 6 dvds play on your playstation 2?

Yes, the Sony PlayStation 2 will play region 6 DVDs. The Sony PlayStation 3 will also play DVDs from any region.

Can you play DVDs on playstation 3?

Yes it will play DVDs besides playing Blue-ray Discs. It will also play CDs.

Does an Playstation 2 play DVDs?

they do but they will not play any new dvds that came out a year after the play station was made because the DVD dater has been changed and the play station will not be able to play any new dvds but it can still play all the old ones.

Are blu-ray players play Cd's and DVDs?

Yes, Blu-Ray players can play DVDs and CDs

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