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I would check the universal joints in the front and rear drive shafts. Both drive shafts will have a pivot point near the transmission and close to the axle. Try to twist the joint (turn the middle of the shaft one way and on the other end of the joint twist the other way) trying to feel for any slop in the joint. You shouldn't be able to feel any movement. If one is sloppy enough to cause that much vibration it should be pretty obvious and it also would not be safe to drive. If the front joint on the rear shaft somes completely apart, it can stab into the pavement and act like a vaulter's pole lifting the back of the truck right off the ground. Then the rear joint will snap and the whole shaft comes through the box of the truck. Could be tough to control at highway speed.

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Q: If a Toyota 4x4 vibrates whenever you take your foot off the gas one brake pad clip is broken could this be the problem and if not what else might cause this vibration?
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What makes a 1995 Toyota Corolla vibration on right turn at speed?

vibration on toyota corolla over 50 mph. when taken foot of gas its normal

When you drive your 2001 Toyota Camry the steering wheel vibrates why?

who is this and then i will tell you

What would cause an engine vibration on a 1995 Toyota corolla The vibration happens at all speeds and at idle The vibration stops if the front of the car in lifted slightly by hand?

it cant do that because no one can stop a vibration only the earth could

Check engine light on Toyota tercel?

The check engine light on a Toyota Tercel can come on for a variety of reasons. It can be come on whenever there is a problem with the engine that needs attention. To reset it, disconnect the battery for a few minutes then re-connect it.

Why would the gas pedal on a Toyota Camry vibrate?

One of the main causes of feeling a vibration in the gas pedal is engine vibration. The vibration from the engine causes the accelerator cable or linkage to vibrate and the vibration can be felt in the gas pedal. Check with a mechanic to be sure.

Why your Toyota previa is running uneven?

If it is surging on acceleration and you feel a slip or vibration it probably needs a SAD shaft repair. Mine vibrates under acceleration, but then will disappear for awhile. I have a 1997 and found a SAD kit online for around $200.00. A Toyota dealer in town said they could install it for around $600.00. I have heard a more expensive fix is to replace the whole SAD shaft, which costs around $1200 at the dealer. The repair kit just replaces the loose bushings which cause the vibration.

Why does your 1999 Toyota 4Runner vibrate when you hit the gas?

stick shift is loose and vibrates ,does it need new boots and how is it done

Toyota corolla vibrates when in gear 1st and in gear 2nd as you start off and when in low speed mostly when driving uphill?

There are quite a few things it COULD be. Could a broken belt in one of your tires. Could be a CV joint going bad. Could be a flywheel problem. Could be an alignment problem.

What are the specs for a Toyota 2c engine?

I have Toyota 2l-T engine the problem is the oil blowing on the exhaust is this the turbo charger problem?

How do you know if you have a transmission problem with 200 Toyota Camry?

When you have problem shifting gears, you transmission has a problem.

Transmission problem in a 1991 Toyota 4 runner?

What type transmission and what problem?

Your 2000 Toyota Camry CE ha a steering wheel that vibrates when going over 60 MPH?

Most likely your wheels need balanced.

What is dtc 10 on a Toyota Camry?

It is possible that a DTC 10 on the Toyota Camry is a problem with the starter. The starter solenoid, wiring, or the starter itself could be the problem.

What are some possible causes of engine vibration especially at idle in a Toyota Corolla GTS?

Possibly an umbrella wrapped around the flywheel?

How do you ditect problem on the 2001 Toyota corolla vvt?

The procedure for finding the problem depends on what the problem is that you failed to list.

Rebuild a 1986 Toyota steering geer box?

86 toyota pickup steering gearbox problem

How do you change the clock on a Toyota hiace van?

The clock in my 1989 toyota van soes not work. What can be the problem?

Is Ford better than Toyota?

Toyota is cheaper and no longer has the gas pedal problems. Ford has more red light problem than Toyota

Toyota hilux engine vibration when in drive but vehicle is stationary?

Possibly a cylinder not operating. One simple check to do in the garage is a heat test. Run a cold engine for about 15 seconds. Then check the temp of the exhaust at each exhaust port. They should have a temp that is warm to the touch on all cylinders. If one is still cold then that is a problem cylinder. Look at the wires, plugs and injector to ensure everything is OK. Further in, check compression if necessary. If vibration starts once its placed in drive but its OK when in park then you got a transmission problem. I would suggest taking that problem to a shop. They could get an adjustment or find a more serious problem.

Toyota 1996 Engine vibration when ac on?

It is normal for a little vibration with the air conditioning on due to the compressor working , fans on , and engine running a little warmer. On at least 92-96 Toyota's the fans automatically come on when the ac is turned on

What is the problems encountered by Toyota Philippines?

the problem with Toyota Philippines is that they hire people by who they know and not by what they know.... sad but true

What would cause a 92 Toyota to rumble at fast deceleration?

if it is vibration when braking, it is most likely warped brake discs ,which can be skimmed using a lathe or by replacing. if it is vibration when not braking & coming off the power it could be wear in an inner cv joint

What causes a loud squeaking noise whenever you turn ignition on your 05 Toyota Highlander on?

probably the fan belt

If the check engine light was on on a 1996 Toyota Tercel and the problem was fixed what would be the problem?

Is this a trick question? My answer is "there is no problem". It Depends on the code that will detrmined what the problem was. or what ever you fix it with was the problem

What could cause a whirring noise and a vibration on the front passenger side of my 1991 Toyota corolla if it has new struts and tires?

A bad wheel bearing