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I am noticing it is not that easy to get someone deported because of expenses. Unless they have done some crime here in America, then it seems as though no one cares. * If the unlawfully present immigrant appears in a court of law regardless of the reason for him being there, authorities are required to take him into custody and remand him to Immigration officials. Whether or not he will be deported depends upon if he qualifies as a refugee or asylee.

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If an illegal immigrant overstayed his visa for 4 years and then married a US citizen can he apply for change of status without the risk of being deported?

Marrying a US citizen does not automatically make the other person a citizen. Spouses of US citizens can and do get deported everyday. Send him back home and apply for him while he is not in the U.S.

Can an illegal alien be deported for getting a ticket for driving without a licence?

An illegal immigrant can be deported upon being caught and handed over to the relevant authorities. By getting caught for driving without a license, the authorities would have been notified of their presence.

Can you marry an illegal in Texas without him being deported?

It is possible for a U.S. citizen to marry an illegal immigrant if the immigrant has valid identification. However, marrying a citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship and is not a guarantee that the person will not face deportation. Such situations are assessed by the USCIS on an individual basis, for more information visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website at

How does an illegal immigrant go back to his country of origin without proper papers such as passport or visa?

Commit some sort of felony and be deported...

How do you marry an illegal immigrant who was brought into the us at two and went through the public school system even college without a visa and without him getting deported?

You turn her/him in.

If you have a criminal record can you marry an illegal immigrant in TX?

The first thing to realize is that they are an ILLEGAL immigrant. Which means they are in the country without permission and the necessary documents. Which also means they can be deported at any time. Can you get married? Few, if any, places ask any questions regarding citizenship or criminal history when applying for a marriage license. Which means you can get married. And then have the immigrant deported and be married to someone that you cannot live with.

Can a illegal immigrant child become a citizen without the help of others?

No its impossible for them to attain resident status unless trough a blood relative.

Can an illegal resident in the US marry a US citizen and apply for citizenship without being arrested?

If the immigrant is a true illegal (i.e. entered the country illegally/without inspection) even a marriage to a US citizen wont prevent him from facing possible deportation. Moreover, an immigrant CANNOT apply for citizenship, they must first apply for legal residency

If you are an illegal alien from Canada and have lived in the US since age 4 and you're 23 now and married to a US citizen and have a child with her can you become legal without being deported?

It is a rule stating that if you are married to an US citizen then you will be considered an legal citizen.

Are illegal immigrants deported to their country?

Yes, usually. But there are many ways an illegal immigrant can make it difficult to get sent back. In order to to be let back into their country they need a passport. If the passport is "lost", or the illegal immigrant never had one and managed to get in without one there is then a problem. The government has to prove the person is who they say are in order for the embassy of that country to give them a new passport. The illegal immigrant has no papers. This can take weeks or months, during which you either have to keep the illegal immigrant in prison at the taxpayers expense, or let them out on bail, then they run away. If the illegal immigrant never had a passport, it is even more difficult to prove where they came from. The illegal immigrant can give a false name, and a false nationality. A mexican could claim to be Spanish. The Spanish then say they have no record of somebody of that name, and refuse to accept them. It can cost a lot of time and money to deport an illegal immigrant.

How long can a Jordanians passport holder stay in the UK without a visa?

They couldn't legally cross into the UK without the correct visa. If you're talking about an illegal immigrant - they will be deported as soon as the authorities make the arrangements to send them back where they came from !

Can an illegal immigrant travel by plane from Miami to Puerto rico?

An illegal immigrant can travel by plane from Miami to Puerto Rico. However, the illegal immigrant will most likely not be able to fly back without a passport from Puerto Rico.

What is illegal migration?

An illegal immigrant is someone who, without permission, enters a country to live and work.

How can a U.S. citizen marry his common law wife who is an undocumented illegal immigrant without her being deported?

It is no longer possible for a citizen to apply for permanent residency/ citizenship for an immigrant spouse who entered the U.S. illegally. (INA Sect: 212(a)(9)(B) and 8 USC 1182(a)(9)(B). Marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship on a foreign national. Therefore, marrying the person would not solve the problem of her being unlawfully present. She would be required to voluntarily return to her country of origin or be deported by authorities. Specific information can be found on the United States Citizenship and Immigration website,

Can an immigrant come back to the untied stated after being deported?

Not without going through legal avenues to do so.

Can an illegal immigrant that has lived in the US for 18 years become a citizen?

Without any sort of "amnesty" or other government forgiveness of the illegal status, no. Possibly through military service, but otherwise, I can't think of a way without becoming "legal" somehow first.

Can an illegal person under the age 18 go to school without being deported?


What happens if an illegal immigrant in found in the US?

ICE is notified - the subject is taken into custody and then deported back to their country of origin. _______ or - they can get free medical treatment, drive a car without a license and have a lot of privileges that we citizens must pay for.

What is the penalty in NJ for driving without a license and being an undocumented immigrant?

The driving without a licence charge would most likely be dropped, seeing as it's a comparatively minor issue. As for being an illegal immigrant, that removes the case from the jurisdiction of any department in New Jersey, and it then becomes a federal case under the INS. In the end, you would be deported.

Is it illegal to refuse emergency service to someone without healthcare?

It is illegal to refuse emergency medical service, even if the person is an illegal immigrant

What does illegal immigrant mean?

To keep it simple an illegal immigrant is someone who moved to the country from another country without the government's permission. They would have to hide in a container on a ship or swim there or something.

If a permanent resident planning to apply for a citizenship but husband is illegal immigrant without a visa Can this person apply without informing immigration about illegal status of the spouse?


Can an illegal alien become a citizen without getting married with a united state citizen?

no but he can probablybecome a US citizen illegaly

What happens if you work in the US without a visa?

That is illegal and if you are caught you could be deported. Also, if you entered US illegally, you can not obtain US Green Card according to the current immigration law, even if you married a US Citizen.

Where can a US citizen marry an illegal immigrant in the US without the immigrant having ID?

I don't know where you can marry someone without ID. But, you need to think before marrying an illegal. IF you do marry and IF your spouse is discovered, the penalty is deportation. Are you ready for that? IF you have had children, are you ready for them to lose a parent? Are you willing to chance becoming a single parent? If you truly love this person, the best thing you can do is help them become a citizen or at least a resident alien. Then you can marry without fear and worry. Life is hard enough. Why knowingly create more difficulty for yourself?

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