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Babies eyes change over time. Most are born with blue eyes, some just end up changing when they get older.

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Q: If a baby is born with dark blue eyes and they start changing to a lighter blue does that mean he won't have brown eyes?
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What color eyes will a baby most likely have if the father of the child has brown hair and brown eyes and the mother has brown hair and hazel eyes?

Brown. The darkest color will beat the lighter color.

What does it mean dreaming of a baby with Teal eye color changing to brown?

The "baby" in this dream probably represents a task or project or even an idea of the dreamer's that is rather vulnerable while in the process of development. The changing eye color suggests that the project is changing in an unexpected way.

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If your boyfriend had blue eyes as a baby an brown eyes when he got older an you have blue eyes what color of eyes would the baby have?

More than likely blue at first then changing to a brown or browny-blue. Most babies start off with blue eyes, but blue is a recessive however brown is a dominent gene. A baby's eyes are first blue because they have not developed fully yet. they then change color or stay the same after three months. it is more likely that the baby would have brown eyes. it also depends on your parents eyes and his parents eyes. if most of them have brow. the baby would most likely have brown eyes.

Can you catch herpes by changing a diaper of a baby with herpes?

You can catch herpes by changing a diaper of a baby with herpes.

What do baby coi fish look like?

Baby coi look brown when they first hatch. They start getting their color a few weeks later.

What color eyes will your baby have if the father has brown eyes and you have brown eyes?

Your baby would have brown eyes.

How to determine the hair color of a baby?

It all depends on the parents. Say for instance if parent A has blond hair and parent B has brown hair, chances are the baby will have brown hair. Darker genes dominant over lighter genes, usualy. For more information see the related link below.

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Almost all brown people are born with light complextions, the color of any offspring can be determined by the adult parent's coloring without a suntan. That being said, you now have a dark brown father and a light brown mother... the baby will most likely be anywhere between the shades of the two parents. There is a decent chance the baby can be lighter or darker, maybe a throwback to its grandparents. Are the parents of differing ethnicities? How did this question come about?

What color hair and eye will a baby have if the father has strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes and the mother has blonde hair and blue eyes?

It will have no eyes. So there! The child probably will have a lighter haircolour, and it can have both brown eyes and blue eyes,

If a guy had brown eyes and brown hair and a girl had brown eyes and brown hair what will their baby look like?

Most likely the baby will also have brown eyes and brown hair.

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Can a newborn baby hair turn black if born with dark brown hair if dad has black hair and mom has brown hair?

Yes. The color of a newborn's hair can be different (almost always lighter) than the eventual adult hair color.

Does grey baby eyes mean brown eyes later?

It is not for sure but because of certain genetics, mutations may occur later on in life, such as the eye colour changing

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