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Here is a quote of the federal law which exempts SSDI funds from being levied. Title 42 U.S.C. 407 provides: "The right of any person to any future payment under this subchapter shall not be transferable or assignable, at law or in equity, and none of the moneys paid or payable or rights existing under this subchapter shall be subject to execution, levy, attachment, garnishment, or other legal process, or to the operation of any bankruptcy or insolvency law A Social Security Act provision, 42 U.S.C. 407, which prohibits subjecting federal disability insurance benefits and other benefits to any legal process, bars a State from recovering such benefits retroactively paid to a beneficiary. You may have to provide copies of bank statements, deposit records to prove money in the account were from SSDI. Good Luck...

2007-10-20 19:18:40
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Q: If a bank account is frozen but it has only exempt funds in it SSDI what happens the When and how should you notify the creditor that the money in the account is exempt?
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Can a creditor freeze va disability account?

No. Disability benefits are exempt from judgment creditor action. However, if the benefits are commingled with monies that are not exempted an bank account can be frozen by court order until it is determined the amount of funds that are exempted from seizure.

Can you make payments to a creditor who froze your bank account?

Payments can be made from out of the frozen accounts simply by authorizing the bank to transfer the money in the frozen account directly to the creditor.

Can credit card companies in the state of Florida garnish your pension and social security that are automatically deposited into a bank account if there is no other income?

No, pensions and SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment. It is important that benefits are not commingled with any other funds. This needs to be done to prevent the possibility of the account being frozen until the court rules on what portion of the funds is exempt from creditor action.

Reasons Why is checking account blocked?

It could be blocked or "frozen because you owe a creditor money.

If you are delinquent in repaying your credit card debt can your bank account be 'frozen' if the account is with a different bank than the one in which you hold an account?

Even though I do believe your privacy policy has been invaded, I do believe the bank can freeze your account. Answer Yes, if the creditor obtains a judgment by means of a civil suit against the debtor the judgment can be executed as a bank account levy, this means the judgment creditor can remove all non exempt funds from the account until the judgment is paid. Where the account is joint and only one of the account holders is being sued and/or the creditor plaintiff believes the defendant debtor may try to withdraw all the funds the plaintiff can request the court to 'freeze' the account until the suit is settled.

Can the lender freeze a bank account?

Bank accounts can only be "frozen" by a court order. A lender can request a court to take such action if it can be proven that the debt has plans to remove the funds from such accounts. Bank accounts can also be 'frozen' when they are jointly held so the non debtor account holder can provide documents to the court showing the portion of the funds in the account that belong to them and are exempt from a judgment creditor.

Can a joint bank account be frozen by a judgment creditor?

A joint account can be frozen by a judgment creditor of one owner. That can cause not only an indeterminate period of inconvenience for the non-debtor owner but also may result in the loss of half of the funds in the account. You should not open a joint account with another person who has a history of debt problems. You can read more about frozen bank accounts in general at the link provided below.

Can a permanently disabled person's bank account be frozen from a debtor?

Your accounts could be frozen or seized depending on the laws in that state but if you are collecting disability that money is exempt.

What happens if a judgment creditor places a levy on a bank account and the account balance is less than the judgment amount?

You get fined a fee by the bank, your account is frozen, and they will probably come after your paycheck through garnishment (even if the levy is removed) Levy is a step, garnishment follows.

Can an individuals savings account be frozen by a creditor?

Yes, if the customer is found to be fraudulent or the origin of funds in his accounts are not properly documented. If the bank suspects money laundering or terrorist activity in a customer's account, it can be frozen

Can a creditor freeze bank accounts in Florida?

No. No creditor has the right to freeze bank accounts in ANY state. Only the court has the right to rule that an account should be frozen.

Who can 'freeze' a bank account in Georgia?

A bank account is "frozen" by the court upon request of the plaintiff or judgment creditor for a specific period of time. This action is sometimes used on joint accounts to give the account holders time to claim any exempt funds (SS benefits, monies belonging to a non judgment account holder, etc.) in the account before a bank account levy is granted. A bank account can only be "frozen" by court order or by the banking institution itself when there is proof that the account has been tampered with (identity theft, etc.) or other issues.

How can a bank freeze your account that is in another bank?

By a court order requesting the account be "frozen" until the judge rules on what if any of the funds are subject to levy by a creditor judgment.

Can credit card company garnish a private pension deposited in your bank account in New Jersey?

Some private pensions are not protected under state and/or federal law. All SS benefits are protected under federal statute from creditor attachment as are all government and military pensions. Any benefits that are exempt from creditor levy should never be commingled with other funds in the same bank account, to do so could result in the account being"frozen" until the court rules on how much of said monies are exempt from levy. The best option is such cases where it is unclear if pension benefits are protected is for the holder to obtain legal advice before a creditor seeks legal recourse.

Should you notify a creditor that your income is exempt from being garnished and inform your bank that your account may be 'frozen' due to a civil lawsuit?

Yes, it may or may not make an impact on the creditor's decision to pursue litigation, but it can do not harm. In the case of the bank, the bank can be notified that the account holds exempted funds, but it is the decision of the bank whether or not to comply with the judgment writ. If an account is joint or the funds in the account are questionable as to exemption or ownership, the bank generally request the court to 'freeze' the account and make rule on the validity of the judgment levy.

Can you freeze a bank account when the money does not belong to the account holder?

From experience (as far as I know), if you are a joint holder of the frozen bank account, yes, they can garnish, but check your state statues because you may be exempt from garnishment.

If you have a frozen bank account and continue to write checks what happens?

The checks will bounce.

Who can freeze a bank account in Louisiana?

A bank account can only be "frozen" via a valid court order. Such action is generally taken by the account holder(s) not the judgment creditor. The reason being that the funds in the account are jointly held and one or more account holders are not the judgment debtor.

Can a creditor put a hold on your savings account after you claim bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, all your assets are revealed to the trustee and basically frozen. No, a creditor probably won't put a hold on your savings account after you file but they can until your bankruptcy is discharged. Usually a letter from your attorney saying you have filed bankruptcy will stop this action.

Can a Writ of Execution be enforced against Social Security benefits?

A judgment writ by a creditor cannot be used to garnish Social Security benefits of any type. (This does not apply to child support or tax arrrearages, or in some instances personal injury awards). However, if said benefits are commingled in an account with non exempt funds, that account can be "frozen" by the court for a decision on how much of the monies are eligible for levy. A Social Security beneficiary should never hold funds in any account where there is a question as to protection and/or ownership. Please be advised, even though the judgment debtor's income may be exempt it does not mean that the judgment creditor cannot use other methods to collect the monies owed, (property liens, bank account levy, seizure and sale of non exempted personal property).

Can my personal property be seized if my only source of income is Social Security and Veteran's Disability benefits?

Social Security and disability benefits are exempt by federal law from garnishment by judgment creditors. It is very important that the debtor does not commingled exempt funds with non exempt funds to avoid the possiblity of the account being "frozen" by the court until the issue is resolved. A judgment creditor can, however, seize any other non exempted personal property such as bonds, stocks, etc. or place a lien against real property belonging to the debtor.

How can you get a bank account unfrozen and could you close your bank account?

The process for getting an account unfrozen is confusing and frustrating, You must go to court and show the reason why the account should not be frozen. If the creditor who froze it = knew it was an exempt account he can be sued. If there are any other monies in the account except for exempt deposits ( i.e. Workers Comp - SS SSDI most pensions etc check your state statutes as each state is different. The account holder would need to file a motion for the judgment award to be "quashed" in the court where the bank levy was granted. The account cannot be closed after a garnishmen/levy order has been executed upon it. Obviously the account holder should not deposit any more funds into said account. A joint account holder must file a motion with the court with documented proof of the funds in the account belonging to them to have said monies returned.

Can a credit card company freeze a banking account when SS and VA benefits are the deposits made in it?

You had better check with the laws for your state -- in my state ( fl ) there is a comingling statute which means that if there are any other monies deposited into the account it can be frozen and garnished. and you have to show where the money came from. Google ( your state ) statutes on bank account freeze and garnisheement No. Both of the benefits are 100% exempt from creditor action. If however a lawsuit is initiated concerning the debt, it must be defended. Meaning the defendant (or their representative) needs to inform the court of all exempt property. Under state laws there are many exemptions available to the consumer to protect real and personal property.

Can money be deposited into frozen account?

Yes money can be deposited in account when frozen but cannot be taken out.

Can a creditor freeze bank accounts in New Jersey?

A judgment creditor can levy a bank account(s) held by the judgment debtor. An account can be frozen by the court when it appears that funds might be removed and/or transferred to avoid the judgment levy or to allow the judgment debtor to claim exempted funds in the account(S) or when the account is jointly held by a person who is not a judgment debtor. A joint account holder who is not a judgment debtor is required to present documents proving to the court the amount of funds that belong to them and which are not subject to a judgment levy. In some instances when an account is held jointly by a married couple and only one spouse is the named debtor the entire account will be exempted from a judgment creditor levy.