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I tried to remove a dismissed bankruptcy from my credit report. All agencys were contacted and so was the FTC. They said they had a legal right to keep the Bankruptcy dismissal information on the bureaus files.

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Q: If a bankruptcy is dismissed can you have it removed from your credit?
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Related questions

How can a dismissed bankruptcy be removed from a credit report?

Nothing, a dismissed banruptcy remains on a credit report for seven years.

If a chapter 7 bankruptcy was voluntarily dismissed not discharged can it be removed from your credit file?

No, it will remain for seven years.

How does a dismissed bankruptcy affect your credit?

A dismissed bankruptcy will affect your credit, but not severely. It may only lower it by a couple points or so.

If you filed for bankruptcy and then changed your mind and never went through with it and it is showing up on your credit report how do you get it removed?

A dismissed bankruptcy whether voluntarily or done by the bankruptcy court will remain on a CR for the required 7 years.

How do I get Equifax to remove 7 year old dismissed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

You can write them or call and request that your bankruptcy be removed. They do not have to remove it, however. It is generally the amount of time that it falls off your credit or is not considered when being looked at for credit.

If you filed Chapter 13 but it was withdrawn and dismissed how do you get this removed from the CRA's since you did not go bankrupt?

You can't get it removed. It will stay on there for 10 years and that is just a consequence of filing for bankruptcy. You can write to the credit reporting agencies to have the entry changed to reflet that it has been dismissed.

How do you remove a dismissed chapter thirteen bankruptcy from a credit report?

You can't. A valid entry for a dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy will remain on a credit report for seven years from the date of dismissal.

How long will a dismissed bankruptcy stay on your credit?

:A bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 11, or a non-discharged or dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 10 years from the date filed. A discharged chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 7 years from the date filed.

Can you buy a car after chapter 13 dismissed?

Dismissed or completed? If it were dismissed, your credit report will show that you filed for bankruptcy. Obviously, if you filed bankruptcy your credit is not great. You certainly can buy a car for cash. Finding someone to lend you money; or getting a loan will be more difficult.

If debts are paid after bankruptcy with a post bankruptcy inheritance does the bankruptcy go away?

No once filed on file. * A dismissed or discharged chapter 7 will remain on a credit report for ten years. A dismissed or completed chapter 13 will remain on a credit report for 7 years.

When will a 1999 discharged bankruptcy be removed from a credit report?

It should be removed from the credit report in 2009. A bankruptcy remains on a credit report for ten years from date of discharge.

Will a credit score change when a discharged bankruptcy is removed from the credit report?

Yes, but only after the bankruptcy is removed from your credit report - which can take over ten years from the discharge.

When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy and the case was dimissed will this show up on my credit report?

Yes. It will show that you filed bankruptcy and that the bankruptcy was dismissed.

If you filed Chapter 7 six years ago and it was dismissed but the credit bureaus will not take it off how do you get it removed?

A CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY TAKES 10 YEARS BEFORE THIS IS REMOVED OFF OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT. THE GOOD NEWS THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT ANY LONGER! *********************I filed Chapter 7 in 2003 and depending on what your state court's definition of "dismissed" is it CAN affect your credit. For instance, some courts definition of "dismissed" is the same as "discharged." In Ohio it is "discharged" and I no longer owe any debt, however it DID IN FACT AFFECT MY CREDIT. I can NO LONGER get any. I received denial letters stating the reason for being denied, "Bankruptcy." So do your homework according to your state.

How long will a bankruptcy dismissal stay on your credit?

seven years It is irrelevant whether the bankruptcy is discharged or dismissed when it pertains to the time it is recorded on the credit report, the time limit is ten years.

Can a bankruptcy entry on a credit report be removed when the bankruptcy was discharged in 1999 and it is listed on the credit report as 2006?

No, it cannot be removed but the information can be amended to read correctly. A bankruptcy discharge remains on a credit report 10 years from the date of discharge.

If your first bankruptcy was dismissed and the second one filed but you never made payments for either can they be removed from your credit report?

The second according to my credit report only says filed. My transUnion doesn't show it and I don't have my Experian report. I will have to contact the court I am sure to get the documentation I need. thanks for your input. Your first bankruptcy can be removed, because it was dismissed. A dismissal is a legal disposition of the legal action bankruptcy. The other disposition is discharged. You don't mention what the disposition was of the second bankruptcy. If it was granted, and your debt discharged, but you never paid on it, (was it a chapter 13?) then it is not discharged. You need to find out the correct status of the bankruptcy before this question can be answered.

How long does a dismissed ch 13 stay on a credit report?

A chapter 13 Bankruptcy, dismissed, discharged, or otherwise, stays on your credit report for 7 years from the date it was filed.

Can bankruptcy be taken off your credit report if the bankruptcy was dismissed through the courts?

Bankruptcies are a matter of public record and this is why they appear in credit histories. A Chapter 13 listing will remain on your credit report for seven years from the filing date and a Chapter 7 will remain on the credit report for 10 years from the filing date. The credit report entry will state the bankruptcy was filed and dismissed, not discharged.

How do you dispute taking off bankruptcy on your credit report?

THE ONLY POSSIBILTY THAT YOU HAVE ON RESOLVING A BANKRUPTCY IS TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS A DEBT THAT WAS DISMISSED. BANKRUPTCIES TAKE SEVEN YEARS FROM THE DATE THAT IS WAS FILED IN ORDER FOR THIS TO NO LONGER AFFECT YOUR CREDIT RATING. Bankruptcies remain on a credit report ten years from the time of discharge. A dismissed chapter 7 will remain ten years a dismissed chapter 13 will remain seven years. If the time has expired for the bankruptcy to be removed from the CR the person should write a letter containing all pertinent details including a copy of the date of the BK discharge or dismissal. Valid negative information of a credit report cannot be removed until the prescribed time limit has expired. Positive entries will remain an indefinite period of time, in some cases permanently.

After seven years when debts from a bankruptcy are removed from the credit portion of your credit report will the bankruptcy still reported in the public record portion affect your credit status?

bankrupcires stay on for 10 yrs. But when you gfinalize the bankruptcy the debts are automatically removed anyways.

Is a dismissed or discharged bankruptcy better on a credit report?

In theory a dismissed BK should be removed from a CR in seven years. A discharged BK, in ten years. Equifax, however will usually inform the consumer that they will carry both for the full ten. The reality is neither is better, they are both very damaging to a person's credit history.

If you filed chapter 13 and had it dismissed and paid of the debt is there any way to get it off of your credit report?

No. Filing a bankruptcy creates a public record that does not go away because you did not complete the bankruptcy. - once you file and get a case number you have filed for bankruptcy. if you didn't follow through and it got dismissed is regardless. you still filed for bankruptcy and it will still be on your credit report.

How do you get bankruptcy off your credit report?

A bankruptcy will remain on a credit report for the required ten years, it cannot be removed arbitrarily.

Can you get a credit card if it was included in a chapter 7?

Once your bankruptcy has been dismissed, you can apply for and receive new credit. It is not recommended but many people do get new credit cards after filing. Usually a company included in a bankruptcy will not extend credit to you again.