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127.279 ft

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What is the area of the baseball diamond where you play baseball?

The area of the actual diamond, which is the area within the three bases and home plate, is 8100 square feet.

A baseball diamond is a square with 90 foot sides What is the approximate distance of a catcher's throw from home plate to second base?

About 120 feet. Or, 90 feet times the square root of 2.

Is a baseball diamond really a diamond?

The baseball term diamond is in reference to the object you would see if you drew a line from home plate to first base, first base to second base, second base to third base, and third base to home plate. Each of these lines would be the same length (90 feet), therefore, the object would look like a square if you were sitting down the left field or right field lines. But if you were sitting in center field or behind home plate, the object would look like a diamond. A diamond is really a square turned on it's side.

A baseball diamond is a square 90 ft on each side What is the distance between home plate and second base?

127 feet 3 3/8 inches.

Which sports is played on a diamond?

baseballThe sport played on a field called a diamond is baseball. The diamond is made up of first base, second base, third base, and home plate, all in a diamond shape.

A baseball diamond is a square that measures 90 feet on a side How far must the catcher throw the ball from home plate to second base to pick off a runner?

124 feet form the front of home plate to the front of second base. plus or minus a few inches

What is the weight of steel diamond plate per square foot?

The weight of steel diamond plate per square foot depends on its thickness. Steel diamond plate that is 3/16 inches thick weighs 8.70 pounds per square foot. 3/8" plate weighs 16.35 pounds per square foot.

How do you put on a diaper?

The best answer I ever heard was from some movie -- can't remember which one. Think of the square cloth diaper as a baseball diamond. Fold second base over to home plate, put the baby between the pitcher's mound and home plate, bring first, second, and home plate together and pin in place.

How big is a baseball diamond?

A baseball "diamond" is a actually a square that measures ninety feet on each side. The distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate is sixty feet, six inches.

Why is baseball's playing area called a diamond?

If you drew a line from home plate to first base, first base to second base, second base to third base, and third base to home plate, you would have a square. This is because the distance between those bases is the same (90 feet). A square turned on its side is a diamond.

What is the length from home plate to second base in pee wee baseball?

Bases are different distances apart at different levels of play in baseball. Here is how you can find the distance across the diamond (home to second, or first to third) on any field: What is the distance between bases? Square that answer (multiply it by itself). Double that answer. Find the square root of that answer. The answer you get will be the distance from home to second or from first to third.

What is the shape of a baseball field?

Square.....AnswerGeometrically speaking ... it is a square some call it a diamond for purposes explained below. A square is a figure with four equal sides and four 90 degree corners. A diamond is a square who's long corner-to-corner axis is arranged perpendicular to the frame of reference (in this case, home plate).The baseball diamond is a square 90 feet on each side, and a 90 degree angle at each base pad. The corner at home plate culminates in the point of home plate which is closest to the catcher, thus making the entirety of home plate (and all other bases, actually) fair territory.

How far is it from home plate to first base?

90 feet between all bases, including home plate. Thus the term 'baseball diamond' is really a misnomer, as the infield is actually a square.

Why is a baseball field called a diamond when it is really a square?

rotate a square 45 degrees and what do you get? that's right, a diamond, and from the vantage point of the plate, you're looking at a diamond. since the plate is where it all goes down, it's logical that the term baseball diamond was chosen over baseball square.Actualy this is not true, in baseball the field is called a diamond in error. It is in fact a square, the term diamond is falsely used to mean a rhombus - In geometry, a rhombus or rhomb is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length. The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards, or a lozenge, though the latter sometimes refers specifically to a rhombus with a 45° angle.It is said that all squares are rhombuses but not all rhombuses are squares. so the term is false. Most people call it a baseball diamond when it is not, but colocaly that is what it is called so you just cant fix stupid.

Is a baseball ground a pentagon?

no, but the plate is a pentagon, the field itself is a diamond

What are the dimensions of a baseball diamond?

Starting at home plate, all the way around in a square, each base is 90 feet apart. Then the pitcher's rubber is 60 feet 6 inches away from home plate.

How many bases are there in a baseball game?

There are 3 bases and a home plate on a baseball field diamond.

What was the shape of home plate in early baseball history?

Early professional baseball did not have the home plate we are used to seeing today. In its early years, home plate was a diamond shape.

What is Diamond plate leather?

diamond plate is a brand.

What is the area of a baseball field in square feet?

The diamond itself is a square , 90 feet by 90 feet. so has 8100 square feet of area. Besides the diamond, there is the outfield and more room in foul territory, behind home plate and each side of the foul lines. These dimensions vary, even in the case of professional fields- there is no fixed area for a baseball field.

Where do you get the spook plate on Pokemon diamond?

Underground or in Amity Square (i think its in one of those old buildings at amity square)

What is a baseball diamond?

A baseball diamond is the four-cornered portion of a baseball field in which the corners are the three bases and the home plate - which the batters run around to score home runs.

What is the distance in between the bases in baseball?

The baseball playing field (or diamond) is shaped like a diamond. There are three bases (first, second, and third) are on the corners away from home plate. The distance between these bases (on the basepath or distance straight from first base to second base, or second base to third base, etc.) is 90 feet in Major League baseball. In Little League, the distance in 60 feet.

When was Diamond Plate created?

Diamond Plate was created in 2007.

What is the shape of baseball bases?

Square. And home plate is a pentagon.