If a boy hides from you does it means he is afraid of you?

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maybe he likes you. he was just nervous to see you.
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What does it mean when you are afraid of water?

Hydrophobia, the fear of water can be caused by any number of things. Something involving water that frightened you as a child and left emotional scars; seeing someone drown perhaps; who knows. It should not interfere too much with your life but if it does, professional help is indicated. new answe ( Full Answer )

Why do boys afraid to show their feelings?

Males and Their Feelings Many boys, as well as when they grow into men, are focused on other important things in life that when it comes time to exert time and energy on emotions find it troublesome and wasteful. Although it may be healthy to release built up emotions (both good and bad), doing so ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of ' I am afraid' phrase?

1. It means that you feel fear. For example, "I am afraid of dogs." 2. It means that you do not want to tell someone the news, but you feel you must. For example, "I'm afraid that your uncle has died."

What do you do if you are afraid to ask a boy out?

I suggest that you build up enough courage to approach him and ask him out before somebody else who isn't afraid to do so asks him. Then you will feel even worse. You can only get two answers, yes or no. Maybe he is afraid as well and wants to approach you. Or he could be just waiting to see if you ( Full Answer )

How do you kiss a boy and not feel afraid?

If its a boy that you truly like, then you wont be afraid specially after that first kiss. You won't feel afraid if you're ready. When you're ready you'll know. Don't rush your self.

Why would a boy hide his feelings from you?

it depends. if you're his mother, he may want to seem tough like he doesnt need u. if u like him then he would probably just be afraid of rejection. most people are, like me.

Why do boys hide their emotions?

Not all expressions of emotion are hidden. Expressions of happiness, joy, and joking around are not suppressed. However, there are limits to the amounts of these that can be tolerated by others. That is true of expressions of emotions for both boys and girls.. However, other emotions are dealt with ( Full Answer )

I like a boy and afraid to ask him out. what do i do.?

Alright, well it's always good to become really good friends with him first. Then you just act a little flirty, and if he flirts in return, then ask him if he likes you more than a friend.

Why are boys afraid to talk to girls they like?

Probably because they are nervous. Both boys and girls can be uncertain when meeting new people, even more so when they are attracted to the person. Making a good first impression is important, but just be polite and friendly. You will find that the situation resolves itself one way or the other.. ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when your afraid to say goodbye?

I can't promise I'm right but it probably means either you don't what to break up, your afraid you won't find another relationship or your afraid of a negative reaction from your soon to be ex.

What does afraid mean?

afraid means when or someone is scared of someone or something happening In fear of

Why are boys so afraid of girl cuties and what are they?

boys are Stupid. I hate my EX now he said I had cuties..... like I said.....boys are annoying. really its just a childish game its so stupid and shouldn't you already hate your EX i mean hes you EX and boys aren't stupid

What to do if you like a boy and are afraid to tell him?

All you do is either face your fears or ask a friend! . Well the first thing you don't want to do is let him no how much you like him, try and get to no him a bit first as a friend there for when the time is right you'll be more at ease knowing that at least he no's you exist and maybe you have s ( Full Answer )

You are a boy and what if im afraid to tell her something?

Unless its something so bad you need the cops. (Like if your married) I would just tell her. maybe give her a note in class so she cant scream too loud, or get a friend to tell her with you. But girls LOVE honesty. Its a big BIG big deal breaker in a relationship. So just tell her.

What is your boy friend hiding from you?

honestly, probably nothing unless you have reason to suspect otherwise. You need to be able to trust him and if you can't then that's a serious problem.

What are the boys most afraid of in Lord of the Flies?

The easy answer is that the boys are most afraid of 'the beast.' However some of the boys never believed in the existence of the beast and yet they still have fears. Piggy was most afraid of Jack and what Jack would do to him. Simon and Ralph were both afraid of what the boys themselves were capable ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to be afraid of spiders?

For me, it means that I scream as hard I'm able to when I see one, I will stay away from them, as far as possible, that I can't look at spiders not in real life, but also not on pictures of videos, It means that I don't want to touch them at all, that includes pictures. When there's a pictures in a ( Full Answer )

How do you hide that you like a boy?

You just actnormal they will probably wont notice and if you cant not help to smile just make an excuse for why you have to leave but don't be afraid of being around then give them a reasons to be around you don't tell them but act in a way to get there attention keep making them want to talk to you ( Full Answer )

How do hide your feelings for a boy?

well why would you want to hide your feelings for a boy? i mean if you like him you shouldn't hide it. don't ya think??

Why do boys hide their feelings from a girl?

Cause they are scared and really worked up about their feelings for a girl. They can't risk the chance of being said no as it literally emasculate their ego and they wanna make it perfect when they do ask out. Also since today's trend isn't about saying love you on the first date, but giving time an ( Full Answer )

Why is a boy at my school afraid to ask me out?

I think when a boy is afraid to ask you out that means there afraid you might say no, you might already have a boyfriend, or his friends just might be tricking you Wait till high school, there usally not afraid i dont think at least, but just wait until he comes up to you and finds out everthing abo ( Full Answer )

As afraid as a grasshopper meaning?

Grasshopper's have many prey, so they constantly hop away. Thesaying, as afraid as a grasshopper is referring to their propensityto hop away.

What does it mean when a boy is afraid of you. and afraid to talk to you?

It is probably one of four things: First, he could be actually physically afraid of you (like as he would be afraid of a twenty foot crocodile), though this is highly unlikely-unless your one of those female body builders... Secondly, he could be afraid you want to have a relationship with him wh ( Full Answer )

What do eminem's not afraid lyrics mean?

Eminem was unafriad to "face his demons', or his addiction to sleeping pills and pain-killers. He wants to help others through rough patches in their lives as well.

What is the meaning to the song not afraid by Eminem?

The meaning of Not Afraid is about how he is tired of people saying all these things about him and how he is getting over his drug abuse and how you can get through all the hard things in your life. The bridge of the song really explains the meaning of the whole song: "And I just can't keep living t ( Full Answer )

Is there any god. why he hide him self.why he afraid to appears?

He isn't afraid to appear. He wants our belief in him to be through faith, which means believing in something you don't know. Also because if you are speaking of the Old testament God, he did use to walk around and talk with humans until the 'ate the apple' and became sinners, with whom God can't ( Full Answer )

Why would a boy hide his feelings?

Boys sometimes hide their feeling to look tough or strong. They might not show their feelings because it could embarrass him or upset him. He would hide his feeling to annoy or ignore somebody. If a boy doesn't show happiness it means h doesn't want happiness.

Why do boys hide their love for girls?

Well I think being a girl its because they want you think that they're this big, macho man, when they're most likely not. Or he could just be cheating on you. Or maybe its just that they're not in love with you and your just in love with him. I was in a relationship once where the guy was AMAZING he ( Full Answer )

Why most girls afraid of boy?

This will depend on their past experiences, it could be because they think they will be abused again, or seen someone abused and traumatized, or could simply be shy about liking others in general. You never going to know until you talk to someone like this and get to know them (don't blatantly ask s ( Full Answer )

What does it mean always do what you are most afraid of?

Some people consider doing what you're most afraid of as living life to the fullest, taking chances, or putting yourself out there to gain or lose more than you would have just lying around. Some people profit the most in business by making the move they're most afraid to, some people find love by t ( Full Answer )

What to do if you like a boy and your afraid to tell him?

I have had my share of crushes and loves and these are my methods of how I got their attention and heart :) 1) Try to build a strong friendship with the guy, If he can trust you, talk to you about anything and/or believe in you, you can start to build on from friendship to romance. 2) Don't ju ( Full Answer )

What does being afraid of relationships mean?

That the person who said they were afraid of relationships means that they are afraid of getting their heart broken. or that they are afraid that if you ask them out the other person will say no.

What is the meaning of afraid of redicule?

This is a waste of time, my time. If you are looking for a definition for the expression " afraid of ridicule" the meaning is someone that is wary of their view point. Such as admitting public surroundings that I was believer in Jesus Christ could leave me open to ridicule not redicule.

What is the small boy with the birth mark afraid of?

If you are referring to the small boy with the birthmark on his face in Lord Of The Flies, then he is scared of what he says is a 'beastie' or a 'snake-thing' - a representation of the darkness and horror of man. In many ways Lord Of The Flies is deeply philosophical and religious (not saying it's a ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to dream that you are afraid of someone?

The dream reflects the dreamer's own emotions, including deep feelings of which the dreamer is not consciously aware. The "someone" might be a threatening person or situation, or something that is similar to a painful situation in the dreamer's past.

What does afraid of commitment mean?

It usually refers to a man unwilling to marry, and it means he is unwilling to commit to a relationship that brings with it responsibilities.

What are some things that Anne Frank was afraid of hiding?

\n. well in my conclusion during Holocaust of course it was scary many people lost hope like Anne frank did she was afraid of getting delivered to concentration camp with all the danger all he killing almost half a billions of Jew's lost there lives even born babies she lost confidence on what she ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a girl is afraid to talk to you?

If you really know that the girl is afraid, and its not that she is trying to avoid you, then its because she is intimidated by you in some way. Maybe she is afraid that she will say the wrong thing and that will upset you or she is afraid you'll think she is ugly or stupid. Regardless though, it's ( Full Answer )