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It means they are ill mannered and were'nt raised appropriately. It also means steer clear of these bozos.

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He is probably just messing with you. Seeing if he can get a rise out of you.

he probably likes you and gets nervous when you discover he's staring at you OR he was surprised to see you staring at HIM.

if he stares at you (not glaring) or seems to always be staring at you. if he gets nervous around you that's bout it

well if she stares at you a lot a lot then she probably likes you. One thing... if you notice she is staring at you, then she sees you noticing that she is staring, then you look away, she may think you like her. she probably likes you if she gets nervous when she realized she has been staring at you. But sometimes girls' day dream and look at really anything. If she turns when you see her looking at you she probably likes you.

Chances are he's shy and if you like him and you notice he is staring at you and frequently gets near you, he is hoping to spark a conversation. if i were you i would approach him and just create small talk.

Yes! Put it this way, if he didn"t like you he wouldn"t even bother doing any staring, smiling or otherwise. He sounds shy. Good luck

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Well, if he knows you like him, then he may just be thinking if he likes you back, or if you just wish you never met. But if he stares at you, there is a possibility that he likes you too. If he continues to stare, maybe you should go up to him and ask why he stares at you. If he gets nervous and says he wasn't staring at you. Remind him that you like him, then ask him if he would like to go out with you. If he says no, don't rush, give him some time, and flirt a little, but if he says yes, do what you can to keep the relationship going.

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It may mean he likes you and when you look at him he gets shy and turns around.

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