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If a boy picks on a girl does that mean he likes her or not?

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That means the boy likes the girl What elsa does that mean.

it mostly means the boy likes the girl.

what do you mean by wrestles? because if he is just kidding he probably likes you and if he picks on you in a serious way no, but if he is joking around with you, yes.. he likes you

it is a boy. It does not mean it is a girl because he likes pink and sounds like a girl!

Obvious one: Tell the girl he likes her.Others:Spending extra time with the girl.Asks the girl who she likes.Constantly picks the girl for group projects.Gives the girl a gentle look which signals his love for her.

In my case it means that the girl likes him, or she just hates him,

if a boy stands in front of you and hits you or something that means he likes you because if a boy or girl does or says something mean to you that means he like you IF A BOY DOES SOMETHING MEAN TO YOU THAT MEANS HE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (GIRL) (SHE)

It means that he likes you girl:)

Usually if a girl likes a boy or a boy likes a girl when they are 7 or 8 they will be mean to each other.

it means that he likes you and he don't know how to express he picks on you instead.

a girl that likes boy type activities and clothing.

That he can't help it or that he has ill intentions

Depends on the age. For a 10yo boy yes, for a 17yo boy no.

It is definitely possible that the boy likes her, but it can also mean that he thinks she is very attractive and pretty.

it means you like a member of the opposite sex. Straight Boy( likes girls) Straight Girl (likes boys) Gay Boy (likes boys) Lesbian Girl (likes girls)

It is highly unlikely. If a 12 year old boy likes a girl he normally has the common sense to be kind to her and see if she likes him back.

If you mean tom boy then it`s a girl who likes boyish stuff instead of the usual girl things. I`m a tom boy.

It means u r a wimp :( It could also mean that the girl likes the boy, or hates the boy, or both. It really depends on the context, and how hard the boy was hit.

it is possible that he likes you Note: it means he like you alot alot alot alot lol

You can tell if a boy likes you if he picks on you and calls you names. Guys tend to hide their feelings and emotions out of fear of rejection.

It could either mean he likes you or he wants to be friends.

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