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mayybe or mayybe your funny looking or he just has laughing problemsLOL

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Well I've heard that boys will make fun of girls when they really like her. but if he was talking when he was staring into your eyes. He probably likes you

When a girl is flirting she laughs a lot, always trys and touch the boy, giggle, finding a reason to always be near or see them, sometimes a girl may even hurt a boy kidding, purposley drop something just to pick it up, forget something jsut to make up an excuse to see them..there are still many other things that a girl can do to flirt. These are all I cna think of. She bats her eyes or stares directly in yours. She twirls her hair, she laughs alot, she touches you softly on the shoulder or back.

That could be a sign that she likes you. She may be admiring you from a far distance but when she gets close and notices you looking at her she might get embarrassed.

it means he likes you but he's shy and doesn't want to show that he likes you. He only stares at you in class because he thinks nobody notices

I feel your pain girl. i like a twin 2. but if you like him don't stare! especially if it freaks him out! just maybe give him little side glances but don't make it too obvious!!!!!

If he stares at you, he always laughs at the littlest thing you do, stands up for you if you get into a fight, asks for your number, always wants to be near you, any excuse to talk to you, touch you (not in that way haha) just be friendly to him try and make you sure you always talk to him.

She will flirt, e.g. laughs at your jokes, tilts her head to one side when listening to you speak, makes an excuse to sit near you and/or talk to you Or, she will simply stare at you and think about you.

you know that a 13 year old boy lieks yo uis by him always bugging you and if he touchs you really weirdly like near your ya know its by your thigh, just give up on him if he does that, if he akways stares at you he likes you good luck girl! -GIRL POWER

She smiles constantly, she stares a lot, she talks a lot (sometimes. depends if she's a shy person or not.) she wants to be near you (but tries to not make it obvious), she acts like she hates you, she may make fun of you, and lastly, she will probably tell you sooner or later that she likes you.

Chances are he's shy and if you like him and you notice he is staring at you and frequently gets near you, he is hoping to spark a conversation. if i were you i would approach him and just create small talk.

This relationship has got to get beyond the staring stage. Invite him to have pizza with you. Pizza is the food of love.

A girl may like you if she looks at you alot, finds ways to be near you, and wants to hang out.

by the way he acts if he's in front or near u or by da way he stares at u

Assuming that you are referring to the large overly maniacal laugh that Light does when he is revealed to be Kira by Near, that is episode 37. Otherwise he laughs a little in almost every episode.