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More than likely, or he just does not have time to call.

2006-09-02 02:34:30
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What should you do if you and your boyfriend are drifting apart like not calling each other anymore or going on dates anymore and are barely even talking anymore?

You should buy him a card or write him a note or something. Find something that he's interested in that you wouldn't mind doing either. If nothing works, then just try talking to him and tell how you feel. Or you can just start going on dates and calling him...

Ways to know your boyfriends is cheating?

1) Ignoring you and talking on the phone. (Unless you know its a girl and laughing) 2) Not hanging out with you anymore 3) Showing up late on a date or a occasion 4) Talking with another girl 5) Not impressing you anymore 6) Changing personality 7) Not calling you anymore 8) Not talking to you I HOPE this HELPS you on your relationship

Who is the strongtes wrestler?

It all depends on taste. But if you are talking about someone calling himself that, then Mark Henry.

What happens if someone calls your phone while you're talking to someone else?

The person who is calling gets a "er er "sound

What does exe mean when your talking to a friend?

it means someone you went out with that your not with anymore. ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend..

What does it mean when a horse whinnies?

It's eather calling, talking,playing or showing a sign that someone or something or it is hurt.

If a person you love is not calling you properly what can be the possible reason?

May be he/she is disturbed about something which they doesn't want to share with anyone or they simply don't feel like talking to you anymore.

What to do when your friend doesnt want to be your friend anymore and you were just talking to someone?

let them explain then you can explain and try to work things out with them.

Is it normal to scream when someone talks to you when your concentrated on something?

No, if someone is constantly talking when you are concentrating on something you should calmly ask them to stop talking because you are trying to concentrate. If they persist then move to another room and tell them not to bother following you.

Why does your spouse constantly tease that you are cheating?

Your spouse teasing you or not talking is common. They are feeling left out as you are cheating on someone else.

If you stop talking to someone that loves you all of the sudden will they become jealous or will they stop calling you eventually?

It really all depends on the person, and there feelings.

Signs that mean a girl likes you?

When a girl likes you she'll flirt with you. For example she's constantly looking for you or email/txt/calling you. She will give you hints like talking about boys and what she likes in them. She joke around with you.

What does blabbermouth mean?

to talk a lot; constantly talking

What to do when you tell someone you dont want to be friends anymore but then they start talking about you and picking on you?

You can sit down and ask about their problem. You can tell them why you don't want to be friends.

My ex boyfriend and I never talk anymore but I want to talk to him should I try texting him?

If you try talking to your ex and he does not talk back then that usually mean she does not like you anymore. You should try to move on and find someone different.

What does it mean about your exs mother is talking to everyone you know saying that you keep calling to her asking for him to take you back what is her problem he is with someone else that she likes?

That means you are SOL.

What is the difference between talk to someone and talk with someone?

When you talk to someone it is you doing the talking, but when you're talking with someone you're talking and getting feedback from that person.

How do you write mum in hiragana?

If you're talking about someone else's mother, or calling your mother - Okaasan おかあさんIf you're talking to someone else about your own mother or talking to your mother directly - Haha ははHere's the kanji for both ~Okaasan ~ お母さんHaha ~ 母

How do i finish a box braid?

it depends on what your talking about: boondoggling or doing hair. If your talking about doing hair braid it until you can't braid anymore. It's hard to explain it someone has to show you. If your talking about boondoggling and you wan t to finish it I would recommend you go to the website WWW.BOONDOGGLEMAN.COM

How do you find out if someone is talking about you on Facebook?

You will receive notifications on Facebook if someone is talking about you.

You live in a retarded scoiety and when you walk with your best friend they say im his girlfriend you cant handle talking what can you do to let them not to talk anymore?

Go out wih someone and have him tell them.

How do you tell if the girl is actually flirting with you because she likes you and not to intertain themselve?

If a girl likes you she will look at you constantly when she's talking to someone else. Also when she talks to you she smiles a lot.

What does talking in the first person mean?

Talking about someone else without saying the word I, or my. Talking in the third person is using the word they, or talking about someone else.

How can you tell you have a crush on someone?

You know you have a crush on someone when (1. Your heart flutters when you see them. (2. You smile when you think about them. (3. You are always texting, calling, or talking to them. I hope this helped you.Other answers are you always look at themYou always notice them

What are three ways plates can interact?

texting, calling, and talking in person