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Absolutely,a dealer can sell you a vehicle with a salvaged title. Each state has there own laws but in most states you must disclose to the consumer that the vehicle you are selling to them has SALVAGED history. The selling dealer must disclose this on the state title forms and on the BILL of SALE.If the selling dealer does not disclose this,then you have a legal rights against the dealer.

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Q: If a car has a salvaged title can it still be legally sold by a car lot?
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Is it safe to purchase scrap from salvaged cars?

It is very difficult to by a salvaged cars. In some cases the vehicle is in good enough shape that with some repair it can be road worthy again so it is sold with a salvage title. When the vehicle is inspected and once again registered a normal title will be issued.

If motor vehicle sends you a duplicate copy of title that's title is not in your name how do you re-title it in your name?

You must prove that it was sold to you and have the person named in the title sign it and the bill of sale. If the bike was salvaged you can take steps through your local DMV to have you renamed as the owner.

Are you still liable for a car you sold if the title is still in your name?

Oh yes. You need to get that title in the name of the new owner.

What if someone sold you a car without the title then told you the car under bankruptcy?

i have a person who sold me a car under bankrupcty, and i need the title . gow can i tell if its still under or not?

If you sold a car with no written contract the buyer took it from MN to VA and is not making payments can you go get it if title is in your name?

LEGALLY, YES, you can go get it IF your name is on the TITLE. be ready to deal with the money part of the deal from him.

How is a parts only title converted to a regular title?

If the previous owner signed off on the vehicle as "parts ONLY", then that means that the title is non-transferable. When a vehicle is sold as parts only, there doesn't even have to be a title. It could just be a slip of paper stating that's how the vehicle was sold; however, if you're a LICENSED OWNER of one of the above, you can claim the vehicle as abandoned/salvaged/auctioned, ect. which you would need proof of, and then the DMV would issue you a new title in your name stating one of the above or something similar.

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i bought a car from a little car place and he sold the car as is and know a week later i am having problems with it should he be responcible to fix it if he sold it as is?

Buying a car "as is" still covers you under the lemon law. If the car had prior history of breakdown, rebuilt, flood damage, salvaged title, incorrect odometer, or was used for business purposes. You can get your money back. Some states vary on these so check with your specific state to be sure

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Are cars that were in floods being sold?

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If you sold your car to someone who stiffed you for the vehicle can you sell the title if it is still in your name?

Depending on the value of the car, you might be able to sell just the title to someone. Very limited value in just a title.

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