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Absolutely,a dealer can sell you a vehicle with a salvaged title. Each state has there own laws but in most states you must disclose to the consumer that the vehicle you are selling to them has SALVAGED history. The selling dealer must disclose this on the state title forms and on the BILL of SALE.If the selling dealer does not disclose this,then you have a legal rights against the dealer.

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Is it safe to purchase scrap from salvaged cars?

It is very difficult to by a salvaged cars. In some cases the vehicle is in good enough shape that with some repair it can be road worthy again so it is sold with a salvage title. When the vehicle is inspected and once again registered a normal title will be issued.

If motor vehicle sends you a duplicate copy of title that's title is not in your name how do you re-title it in your name?

You must prove that it was sold to you and have the person named in the title sign it and the bill of sale. If the bike was salvaged you can take steps through your local DMV to have you renamed as the owner.

Are you still liable for a car you sold if the title is still in your name?

Oh yes. You need to get that title in the name of the new owner.

What if someone sold you a car without the title then told you the car under bankruptcy?

i have a person who sold me a car under bankrupcty, and i need the title . gow can i tell if its still under or not?

How is a parts only title converted to a regular title?

If the previous owner signed off on the vehicle as "parts ONLY", then that means that the title is non-transferable. When a vehicle is sold as parts only, there doesn't even have to be a title. It could just be a slip of paper stating that's how the vehicle was sold; however, if you're a LICENSED OWNER of one of the above, you can claim the vehicle as abandoned/salvaged/auctioned, ect. which you would need proof of, and then the DMV would issue you a new title in your name stating one of the above or something similar.

If you sold a car with no written contract the buyer took it from MN to VA and is not making payments can you go get it if title is in your name?

LEGALLY, YES, you can go get it IF your name is on the TITLE. be ready to deal with the money part of the deal from him.

What happened to all the naval equipment after the Pearl harbor attack?

Some was salvaged and put back in use. Some was removed and sold for scrap. The USS Arizona became a memorial. It still rest on the bottom of the harbor.

Your 1998 gsxr title says 600 but the engine has 749 cc stamped on it and the frame says 750 what size is your bike?

Someone sold you a bike with the wrong title. Here's the most likely reason why, many times when bikes are wrecked they may still be rideable, but the insurance company has totalled the bike and turned the existing title on bike to either junk or salvaged status. If it has a salvage title the bike can be licensed and ridden in many states, but the value of the bike is greatly diminished. If the bike has been given a "junk" title, then no matter how well the bike rides and looks, it can only be used as parts and in most states will NEVER be titled, so here is the catch...People will sell a frame, or just the title to a different bike with a good title, one that has not been deemed "salvage" or "junk" and use this "incorrect" title to actually license the vehicle for use. They may buy a complete "titled" frame (since the title is associated with the frame ID numbers) and put all the parts from the old bike on the "titled" bike and they are good to go. The problem in your case is that they sold you a bike that is actually a 750 with a "junk" or "salvaged" title, but gave you a good "600" title to make you think you have a clear title. At least, this is what it sounds like to me.

i bought a car from a little car place and he sold the car as is and know a week later i am having problems with it should he be responcible to fix it if he sold it as is?

Buying a car "as is" still covers you under the lemon law. If the car had prior history of breakdown, rebuilt, flood damage, salvaged title, incorrect odometer, or was used for business purposes. You can get your money back. Some states vary on these so check with your specific state to be sure

If you sold your car to someone who stiffed you for the vehicle can you sell the title if it is still in your name?

Depending on the value of the car, you might be able to sell just the title to someone. Very limited value in just a title.

Are cars that were in floods being sold?

Once they are repossesed by insurance companies and salvaged titled they will more than likely be resold if not demolished or sold for scrap depending on severity of the damage.

Can you legally repo a car you sold to a friend with no contract and the title is in your name?

Well, the right way to do it would be to take the friend to court and sue him for the money. The underhanded sneaky thing would be to report the car stolen, as the title is not in his/her name.

Can human organs be sold?

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On Sanford and Son the title characters sold?

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In Texas what rights do you have if you sold a car to a friend who stopped making payments per a signed contract if the title is still in your name?

The title is in your name, so you hold all the rights.

Can a salvage title be converted to regular?

Nope, not legally. A salvage title is issued to protect future consumers since salvage cars can be rebuilt and sold as clean titled used cars (an unethical no no!) even though they are worth 40% less!

Do you still have to pay for car you sold?

No.If the query concerns paying for a vehicle that had a lien against it, then yes you the borrower/debtor has to repay any outstanding balances on that vehicle.However, the question is confusing as a vehicle cannot be legally sold unless it has a clear title. If such a transaction happens the seller can be charged with criminal fraud and/or theft by deception and other similar offenses.

Can a car with 1900 miles on it be legally sold by a dealer as a new car in the state of Texas?

If the car has never been titled then it can be sold as new. A new car demonstrator or demo will often have as many as 5,000 miles on it and still sold as new.

What is needed in Utah to repossess a vehicle that has been sold privately with no written contract if the title is still in your name?

1. to avoid the hassles(possible lawsuits) next time, BETTER paperwork on your part. Contract, payment record, security lien on the car.IF the title is in your name, you are merely taking possession of your car. How will you explain why you did it when the debtor reports it stolen? He said/you said???If the title is still in your name, you actually have more leverage. The car is still legally yours. If you have any questions feel free to email me, I own my own repossession company.

Can a car with 1900 miles on it be legally sold by a dealer as a new car?

At our dealership it could be sold as a demonstrator. The car in our jurisdiction would have to be not registered to an owner, the mileage explained and then the car could still be sold as new with the warranty starting at 1900 miles.

Are mothballs legally sold?

Mothballs are legally sold for use of the purposes listed on the label. It is illegal to use mothballs for other purposes including using mothballs in gardens.

What happens to a trumpet when it is unusable?

If you mean damaged beyond repair, any usuable parts may be salvaged, then it is usually sold as scrap metal.

What is a car dealership legally responsible to fix on a vehicle that is sold with temporary plates?

Nothing. it was sold as is.

How do I get my car back that I sold to a friend and they have not paid the agreed monthly payment. they havent paid any payments in 3 months.?

Hopefully you did not sign the title over until it was to be paid for. If you did not sign over the title the car is legally yours. If you did, consult a lawyer.

What is a vehicle salvage title?

This means the car was in a wreck and the insurance company considered it a total loss. The insurance company paid the owner off and then sold the car as a salvage. This car may infact be tow or even three vehicles put together and sold under a salvage title based on the engine id number matching the title. Beware, a salvaged title indicates the structural, mechanical integrity of the car may not be up to manufacturer and federal safety mandates. However, in some cases the vehicle can be totaled and considered a salvage if the less extensive damage to the car is more costly than it's value. This often happens when a car is older. The only way to know what you are getting in a salvaged titled car is to have an independent, trusted mechanic/body shop look it over carefully.