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you only pay for the job they did before the car was totalled. it is law that you have pay for service that was provided to you. asian623

2013-02-28 10:36:19
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Car totaled not repaired?

No idea what you are asking. Get an interpreter!

What is procedure for broken car on freeway?

They are towed away & then repaired if not totaled.

How do you put the word repairs into a sentence?

The cost of repairs to the vehicle totaled well over two thousand dollars.

What is considered totaled in a car accident?

A car is considered "totaled" if the cost of repairs is equal to, or greater than, the blue book value of the vehicle.

How do you know whether a car will be repaired or totaled?

if the repair job out weights the price of the vehicle

How do you know if your car is totaled?

The insurance company tells you. The way they figure this out is by comparing the cost of repairs to the value of the car. If the cost is the same, or greater, the car is totaled.

How much do repairs have to cost for the car to be considered totaled?

When the damage is more than the bluebook value.

How do you determine if a vehicle is totaled?

If the repairs of the vehicle exceed the value of the vehicle, then the vehicle is declared total loss.

What states has a provision that a vehicle must be totaled after an accident?

I don't know if there's a provision but, depending on which state you live in a car is totaled when the repairs cost more than 50-75% of the car's value.

Can a totaled car be fixed?

It depends on why it was totaled. If it's cosmetic damage that totaled the car (like a shallow sideswipe) of course. If it's structural, like frame damage, maybe. If it was in a flood, it's probably not a good idea to fix it since quirky electrical problems will haunt the car forever. If it is repaired it would still carry a totaled title but it can be qualified with the brand 'totaled/reconstructed' on the new title.

Can totaled 1999 mustang gt convertibles be repaired?

It can, but obviously the insurance company has decided it is not worth it. Also, note that in some states it may be hard to obtain a non-salvage title on a totaled car, which would make it hard to sell.

Your car was recently totaled by insurance company can you buy it back from the insurance company?

I totaled my Mustang and was able to buy it back from the insurance company. They gave me the Blue-Book value less my $500 deductable. They would not insure it after I repaired it, I had to switch insurance carriers to get coverage.

If you totaled a car and repaired it without getting a salvage title had full covereage and totaled it again a few weeks later what should the difference between the values in the two claims be?

You must provide that salvage title in order to claim for the collision aspect of this current claim.

What happens to a car that's declared totaled by the insurance company?

If you want to keep a totaled car, the insurance company will determine the salvage value and deduct that from your settlement check. You can still get liability insurance (if there are no safety issues related to the damage), but not collision or comprehensive unless you have the repairs made.

If a car was totaled by the insurance company after it was repaired per the insurance company what is owed for a voluntary repossession?

In most states, you will owe whats left owing after the ins. co. pays.

What if hail damage is greater than the value of car?

than your car is totaled and your insurance company just pays you a dollar amount instead of paying for the repairs... assuming you have insurance

How many General Lee's were used in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard?

Estimates range from 309 to 329 cars were used throughout the series with many being totaled or undergoing repairs .

Will you owe taxes on a totaled car?

Not if you notify you local PVA that the car is totaled and not longer in service. You will pay taxes up to the day it was totaled.

What is a sentence for totaled?

I was most relieved to find out that my insurance company agreed with my statement that it had been totaled. I came out ahead when my expenses were totaled up.

What do I need to do if my vehicle was totaled and I had it recycled. What do I need to do?

What do I need to do if my vehicle was totaled and I had it recycled?

How do you determine if vehicle is totaled when burned?

A vehicle is totaled if it cost too much to repair it. Usually, insurance companies determine whether or not a vehicle is totaled.

Do you have to accept the cash if your car is totaled or can you tell them that you want to have your car fixed?

If you have collision insurance, they will pay out up to 40-70% of the value of the car in repair costs. Over that amount, it is considered totaled., and they cut you a check for the value of the car. The percentages vary with companies, vehicle, etc. You don't have any say in it. If you have only liability insurance, you're on your own for the repairs.

What happens to a lease truck that has been wrecked?

The same as a purchased truck that has been wrecked. You will have been required to insure the vehicle. Contact the insurance company and file a claim. An adjustor will determine if the vehicle should be repaired or totaled.

What is the definition of totaled?

used of automobiles; completely demolished; "the insurance adjuster declared the automobile totaled"

Can you get full coverage auto insurance for a totaled car?

Has the vehicle been repaired and inspected and title cleaned up? If so no problem, if not I suppose you can if the company you are requesting ins. from doesn't do their homework. But I promise you should you have another loss, this will resurface.