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you or her estate???

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Can a child inherit a mothers house if deceased step father's name is still on the deed?

In the event the step father is deceased, yes. But, you will need a copy of the death certificate showing that he is in fact deceased. Also you will need to know if he had a will that willed the property to someone else.

What flower symbolizes mothers day which color if for the living and which color is for the dead?

I was told that a red flower indicates your mother is still alive. A white flower indicates that your mother is deceased.

how can you make a sentence with deceased in it?

Here are some sentences.He is deceased but his sister is still alive.Is that actor alive or deceased?

Do the Irish still bring the deceased to an Irish wake?

Wakes with the deceased present do still happen in Ireland, but not with all funerals.

Can you return a new car in Ohio?

You cannot return a new car in Ohio. You can contact the bank and tell them you don't want the car and cancel financing but you could still be stuck with the deal you signed with the dealer.

A sentence with deceased in it?

Although Elvis has been deceased for many years, his music is still very popular.

Is James Franco deceased?

James Franco is not deceased yet. He is still alive and pursuing his career in entertainment.

If your mom is deceased can you get married without consent?

If your mother is deceased and you are still under age and you must have a legal gaurdian. You still need consent from your legal gaurdian.

What is a similie for as still as?

Example: Exact: -(Noun) was as still as a deceased (being). Sarcastic: -(Noun) was as still as a frightened cat.

Is JK Rowling deceased?

No, J.K. Rowling is still alive.

How to get key from stuck in ignition of 2007 Chevrolet Malibu?

It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.It is still under warranty. Take it back to the dealer for repair.

What is a simile for still?

as still as a statueExample:Exact:-(Noun) was as still as a deceased (being).Sarcastic:-(Noun) was as still as a frightened cat.

How can second divorced wife collect deceased husbands insurance policy when first deceased wife of husband is still named beneficiary?

In order to ensure that a wife collects her deceased husband's insurance policy, it is beneficial to transfer the beneficiary of the policy while the husband is still alive. If the beneficiary of the policy is also deceased, it would be wise to seek legal help.

Is Chris Tucker deceased?

No, actor Chris Tucker is still alive.

What symbol is for Mother's Day?

Traditionally, it was a white carnation to honor & remember the deceased mother of Miss Anna Jarvis (who also happened to found Mother's Day). Now both white & red carnations are used - red to honor mothers who are still alive.

What is a child's portion of a deceased mothers estate if her husband is still alive?

if there was no will left behind, its up to the family to decide (the right to decide everything usually go to the spouse unless challenged legally) and if the child is under the legal age, then their portion is decided by the parent

Are motor cars still available at the local dealer?

"This would depend on where your local dealer is. If your local dealer is still in business, then I would say it is a safe assumption that there are motor cars still available there. If they have gone out of business, then it would be safe to assume that no motor cars are available there."

Do gay male couples celebrate mothers' day?

Only if they're mothers are still alive. They might also give cards and gifts to their sisters and female friends who are mothers.

How can a person find out if there are stocks still in their name?

My parents are deceased and have a stock cert since 1986. Is it still valid?

Are the dead end kids still playing?

I think they are still playing but I am not sure. They're all deceased now.

What happens if your car loan is approved but you still owe the dealer money?

You will have to prove to the dealer that you are waiting to get the money. Show the dealer your loan approval documents.

Are you the surviving spouse even if your were not cohabiting with your spouse at the time of death?

If the person was still legally married to the deceased he or she is still considered a "surviving spouse". However, the extent to which claims are made upon the estate of the deceased or the responsibility of the surviving spouse for debts owed by the deceased is determined by state laws and/or the probate court.

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