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If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

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Q: If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?
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When was Stolen Car - Take Me Dancing - created?

Stolen Car - Take Me Dancing - was created in 2003.

If your husband left with a car that is only in your name and he will not return it can you take it back or repo it legally in Oregon?

IF the TITLE is in your name only, you can take it back OR report it stolen.

How long does it take for a stolen car to show up as a stolen car?

Minutes if not seconds.

Can you get arrested for refusal to file a police report for something stolen?

No. But if you get your money stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your money back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your jewelry or furniture stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your jewelry or furniture back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your bike stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your bike back. The point is if you get something stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your stuff back. But they're not allowed to put you in jail for refusal to report a stolen car, bike, jewelry, money etc. You won't go to jail for refusal to report a stolen object, but whatever you got stolen, you won't get it back.

How long does it take to get insurance money for a stolen car and the car was found?

You will get the car back and plus they will give you the money to repair all damages on the vehicle. You will not get a check for the full amount of the car unless its totaled. You must have comprehensive in order to have coverage on a vehicle that has been stolen.

My car was stolen in 1969 now i find the cars but not have papers to show that is my car where or who i contac?

You can't take that car back to you because you have no proof and no one would believe that it was yours.

Your daughter will not return the rental car you let her use can you report it stolen?

Here is a frustrating legality If you report it stolen and she says you gave it to her then it was officially not stolen, you Will have to take her to court to get it back, in the mean time you are stuck paying for it, unless you can steel it back and return it to the legal owners who don't want it back so long as you keep on paying for it.

Does a insurance company have to pay for your stolen car if you have full coverage ins?

If by Full Coverage, you mean you also purchased Physical Damage, aka damage or loss of your vehicle and the car was confirmed stolen, preferrably via police report, the company will typically pay Actual Cash Value for your car, less your deductible.

How do you report a vehicle that is being hidden or concealed to prevent repossession?

If you find a stolen car being hidden, call the cops and tell them where u are. you show them the stolen car. If it has a lisends plate, the cops will look it up and the computer will say whose car it is, they tell the person that owns the car it was stolen. she/he will take it back, but not before the cops look for fingerprints on the stering wheel to see who stole it. the end

Can a car rental company take money without notice?

Yes . examples are damage to car because you did not take out CDW (Collision Damage Waver) , your brought the car back late or that or if you hadn't paid for full tank option, they can charge you for the fuel used if you brought it with less than you took it.

If you have full coverage on your car and it is stolen do you get your money back?

You will get back the cost to get you a like vehicle.

Whose insurance covers items stolen from a company vehicle at home?

I think that your insurance covers the items that were yours that were stolen, and the company's covers the car damage.

What are two kinds of reversible damage to a car?

"Reversible" means something you can take back, so it basically means damage you can repair. For example: You could spill something on a car seat and have it cleaned, the same way you can replace a broken headlight.

If your car gets stolen and you have insurance do you get a new one?

if your car get stolen you should immediately call the police to search for it. And you don;t get a new but you might get money back.

Hey car was stolen 2 weeks ago and today they called me from police to tell me that my car was found.the problem is that the tow company wants me to pay 210 to take my car back how to not pay?

No, your face sucks! GTFO!

How much can a rental car charge your credit card if car is stolen?

This would depend on the insurance that you took out with your car rental company. Check the contract that you signed. Often there is a Damage Waiver and a Theft Waiver. Usually the theft waiver is double that of the damage.

Why is car break ins a problem?

Car break ins is a nasty thing to have happen. No one likes their car to be broken into. Expensive equipment can be taken, money taken and not to mention the cost of damage repairs to the car. The devasting thing is that you have to pay for all the repair costs yourself and you don't get your valuable things back, that were stolen.

Were can you take a car that you want to get rid of but don't have the title?

Why are you getting rid of a car to which you do not have the title, is it stolen?

If your car was stolen and you got it back do you have to return what was in the car to the person that stole it and is it illegal to keep what was in the car?

i would NT give it a thought

What can you do if you bought a car with the title but the car was later found out to be stolen?

You have to return the car to the authorities, because it was stolen from the original owner. If you keep the car you could be held as an accessory to car theft. You will get the money back for the car from the criminals through the court in the form of compensation.

If a car you bought is found to be stolen should your insurance pay for it?

No, the seller is obligated to provide clean title. If the dealer has sold a stolen car, you should be able to get all of your money back.

If your car is stolen and then found in another state how do you get it back?

If you got a call and your car was in anoter state then if you wanted it back then you would have to go to that state and get it back usually at an impound lot.

How can you get your car back from your husband which is registered to you?

Report it stolen to the police.

Were the kids stolen in a car or truck in the book Stolen Children?

I am sure that the kid was stolen in the car.

Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

Many online websites allow you to check if a car has been stolen or not. At stolen car check will help you to know these details.