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The trans won't cause it to die. Try changing the fuel filter.

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Q: If a car sound good and idles good but when put in gear will only move slow until it dies can this be a transmission problem?
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99 Chevy silverado 4.8l it idles fine until you drive it then it idles up to 15-1700 rpm and wont stop till you shut it down then when i start it again it idles normally until i drive again why?

Probably a bad idle air control valve.

How do you change the transmission oil filter on a G35 coupe?

My trusted transmission shop says don't touch the transmission fluid or filter until you have a problem! Otherwise if you start messing with it you will cause a problem. His advice has worked for me for 100k miles or more on all my cars!

What is wrong with a 1997 SC2 that starts and idles OK until the transmission is in gear and the car is moving then the engine speeds up until the car stops moving and the transmission is in neutral?

If the transmission is in neutral and the engine is racing would indicate that your throttle body cable is binding somewhere. Check the assembly, check by the gas pedal. I have checked with a dealer on the same problem. I have a 96 sc2 and it does the same thing. They told me it idles down due to the engine computer. They said if it is cold outside it will idle high like this. Once it started getting warm outside mine stopped doing this. Please let me know if you have found out anything. Mine was doing the same thing. I changed the temp sensor and it worked. yours is probably cracked.

Why is the d4 light constantly flashing in 4th gear on 92 Honda Accord?

A flashing D4 light indicates a problem with the transmission. It may just need the transmission fluid changed or it may be a more serious problem. I Recommend you seek professional help and do not drive this vehicle until you get the problem repaired or you may do serious damage to the transmission.

In cold weather 97 Lumina will not move in drive until put in park and rev the engine Then back in drive it works fine Have flushed transmission Is this major problem?

Check transmission fluid level Could be a bad transmission pump

Why is my car a smooth ride until 45-55 mph when it lurches after 55 it's smooth again?

Could be a problem with the overdrive function of the transmission.

I Have a 2003 Pontiac Aztec when it's cold it makes a loud clicking sound until warmed up drives just fine after that any ideas?

It makes that sound until the oil pressure builds and can lubricate the tappets or valves. shouldn't be a problem.

Powerglide transmission in drive will go but not shift until 60 miles per hour is reached and does not hold back when gas is released what is the problem?

If the transmission would not shift, YOU would not go at 60 Miles Per Hour.....

Does until have a short vowel sound?

Yes. The U in until is a short U, and the I has a short I sound as well.

90 wrangler automatic carburated idles extremely high until put in gear how do you lower the idle speed?

throttle speed set screw is next to throttle linkage on driver side. Check for a vacuum leak first. I had the same problem on a 4.0 wrangler

Slight problem with transmission swap on 02 ford probe you swapped it with a Mazda 626 transmission and installation went well until you tried to install drive axles and found out it was a turbo 626?

Slight problem with your question... There is no such thing as a 2002 ford Probe :( last model year for the ford probe = 1997.

Why does a dodge transmission whine when cold and in reverse?

I am sure your trans level is fine this is very normal problem with 46re transmission cold weather equals thick oil which makes higher pressure, until warmed up then pressure decreases, no noise its a valve body issue there is no real fix and there is no real problem either

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