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Try asking your local dmv.

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Q: If a car was written off by the credit company how do you get a title to license the car?
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Do I need a License to own a title company Michigan?

do I need a license to own a title search company in michigan

Has a book called "Rebuild Your Credit" ever been written?

There is no book that has been written that has the specific title "Rebuild Your Credit". There is, however, a book titled "How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy".

How do you sell a motorcycle that you purchased on your credit card?

It depends on who holds the certificate of title on the motorcycle.If you hold the title, and it is in your name, and there are no lien holders listed on the title. then you could sell the motorcycle at any time you would like. On the other hand if the credit card company holds the title then you would have to pay off the balance owed on the motorcycle to the credit card company, they would then release the title to you, at which time you could sell the motorcycle.

How do you start a title company in NC?

To start a title company in NC, first form a corporation. Then obtain insurance. Get bonded and apply for license. Finally, get designated as an official agent.

After you receive your NJ title insurance license can you open a title insurance company in NJ?

contact an underwriter, OLD Republic NJ is who I suggest...

Must a senior title officer for a title agency have a title insurance license in New Jersey?

Yes. All title officers need a license in NJ

How do you start a title insurance company in Kansas?

You need a license to produce title insurance, of course. Next, you need to find a company that is willing to either provide you with title searches, or buy into the records of another company, which can be very expensive. You have to get with the Insurance Commissioner to file rates and of course, you will have to be approved to issue policies with an underwriter. These are the main issues.

Can a credit card company suzuki reposses a motorcycle if the title has no liens?

If you bought the bike on credit and miss the payments, they can and will repossess the bike and sell it at auction. Just like a car.

Can a person with no Driver's License be put on the title to a car?

Yes, a person can have a car title in their name if they do not have their drivers license.

How do you get the title to a car you've had 5 years is on your credit as a repossession but the company never physically repossessed?

contact the lending institution and offer to make partial payment in exchange for the title.

How do you write out limited liability company in a title?

The limited liability company should be written in a title as LLC. The owners of an LLC are called â??members.â?? An LLC may have one or more members.

What is Texas sales tax title and license for used vehicle from dealer?

what does tax title and license cost on used car in Texas

Can you apply a temporary license plate without title in Wisconsin?

You should have a title in your name with a lien on it, at least, to obtain a license plate.

When a home in Virginia is inherited and sold and the title company misses a judgment of the deceased who is responsible the title company the heirs or the executor?

title company

How do you open a title company?

How I can get a title insurance producer licnese in FL? How I can open a title company in FL?

How do you get a Texas Title producer's license to own a title company?

To become a Texas Title Producer you need to be at at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. If you meet the eligibility requirementsÊsubmit an application to the Texas Licensing Board to takeÊa licencing exam.

What does a new car title and license cost in Texas?

The Texas sales tax for motor vehicle is 6.25% of cost and title + license is about $230

Can you get your car in your name without a license?

i pay out my car but i still need to change the title ,i have insurance but not a license can i still transfer the title in my name?

How do you get a Georgia title pawn license?

You just get a standard business license from your county.

Can a credit card company repossess an ATV with no lean on the title of the ATV?

Did you buy the ATV with the credit card? Then yes Did you use the ATV a security for the credit card when you applied? The yes.

What title is written in italics?

what title is written in italics

Is it easier for a person with poor credit to refinance their house with the help of a cosigner who has excellent credit?

It can be easier if you use their credit by putting them on title on the home and use there credit, however they will be responsible for the loan and be on title as at least a part owner. If you use another persons credit to do a refinance, the other person must in most title states be put on title and will be responible for the loan even if you both sign which you would have to do.

How do you start a title company in Kentucky?

How do you start a title company anywhere? There is NO literature out there on this subject!

Who is the largest title insurance company in the US?

As of 2011 the largest title insurance company by premium volume in the United States is First American Title Insurance Company.

If you don't have a license can you have a title in your name in Delaware?


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