If a cat has an upper respiratory infection and the vet is closed can you give him Benadryl?

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If it's a true URI, benadryl probably won't work anyway. Benadryl is an antihistamine and more helpful for allergies. You'll need antibiotics most likely, in which case you need a vet to prescribe. You can always look for an emergency vet clinic or just wait until your vet's office is open (assuming it's just after hours and they'll be open the next day). URI's can become serious and sometimes be a sign of something fatal(Felv, FIV, FIP), but it's not typically instantly fatal.
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Can you give a cat Benadryl?

Yes, You can also give you cat pepto , but neither should be given until your vet gives u the amount No, you can't.

How much Benadryl can you give a cat?

"Giving human medicine to animals can be tricky and should always been done according to your vet instructions.". However, according to vetpets.net (Vet Pets Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN), Diphenhydramine (Benadryl®) can be used to treat allergic reactions in dogs and cats. The primary side ef ( Full Answer )

How much Benadryl can you give to your cat?

Actually, my vet recommended Children's benadryll for my cat while traveling. You do have to take your cat to the vet so he or she can tell you how much to give them. It's based on dosage of the benny and the cat's weight. Don't administer anything to your cat without first contacting your vet.\n ( Full Answer )

Can you give Prednisone for respiratory infection?

Prednisone decreases inflammation in the airways and may help symptoms, but will not treat an infection. In fact, Prednisone hinders the body's ability to fight infection.

How do you get an Upper Respiratory Infection?

Upper respiratory infections can be caused by a number of things. If you feel that you have an upper respiratory infection you should remember to drink plenty of fluids and eat chicken noodle soup. An upper respitory infection is a viral infection that has noticable signs of runny nose, coughing, an ( Full Answer )

Can you give your cat a little Benadryl?

yes. for an 8 lb cat you can give them 12.5 g - liquid childrens benedryl. a compounding pharmacy will flavor it with fish, chicken, etc. to make it go down easier.

Doxycycline need to convert from 100 mg tablet to equal 1 ml liquid for my cat with upper respiratory infection What is difference?

I'll start from the beginning and say this is a very bad idea - your veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate antibiotics as needed for your cat's infection. This is if your cat even needs antibiotics - most upper respiratory infections in cats are caused by viruses which won't respond to antibio ( Full Answer )

Can you give cats Benadryl to sedate for grooming?

no, human medicines are not okay for animals. horsefreak, you are completely ignorant. yes, you can give benedryl to cats or dogs. a compounding pharmacy will even flavor it like fish, chicken, etc. pls contact your veterinarian instead of consulting these boards.

What does a vet give a cat for diarrhea?

If the problem is due to an infection the vet will give your cat antibiotics. If it is due to irritation or colitis, vets will give them a prescription medicine called Cat Gastrafate. The same company that makes Cat Gastrafate also makes a little known over-the-counter medicine called Feline Gastral ( Full Answer )

Can you give cats benadryl?

Yes, there are times when a veterinarian will give cats Benadryl.The dosage will vary depending on the size and weight of the cat.

Is acute upper respiratory infection contagious?

Yes, it is contagious. It is spread easiest between children but adults can get it also. It is most contagious within the first 2 to 4 days when symptoms first appear. However, it may remain contagious up to 3 weeks. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after coughing and/or sneezing to avoid spre ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a respiratory infection in cats?

It is highly recommended that you take the cat to the vet. Upper Respiratory Infections can develop and worsen rather quickly so it will need medication to help it get over the infection and also to prevent serious secondary bacterial infections from appearing (thereby making her even worse). Medica ( Full Answer )

Can you use doxycycline for an upper respiratory infection?

Once upon a time, doxycycline was commonly used antibiotic. You do not use it now very often. You may use the same to treat acute sinusitis, probably. Doxycycline is bacteriostatic antibiotic. You have better bactericidal drugs available today.

Cause of upper respiratory infection?

Bacteria is the cause of upper respiratory infection. There could be contributing factors such as low immunity or lack of infection control practices, so the best way to prevent an URI is to wash hands, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthily.

How long is an upper respiratory infection contagious for?

An upper respiratory infection is contagious for as long as theactive virus is in your system. Taking an antibiotic will help ridthe body of the live virus. You will remain contagious for 24 hoursfollowing the first treatment of the antibiotic.

Is upper respiratory a bacterial infection?

An upper respiratory infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. The most common is probably the common cold, which is a viral infection, followed by bacterial, then fungal.

How do you treat an upper respiratory infection?

When patient comes to you with runny nose and scratchy throat, the infection is mostly viral infection. You should not use the antibiotics unless secondary bacterial infection sets in. In case of acute pharyngitis, you should go for throat swab. If positive for streptococci, then tablet penicillin V ( Full Answer )

How long does a upper respiratory infection last?

I am just getting over it.It last about a week if you are taking Meds,that your doctor gave you.Hope this helps.Also clean all your door nobs,pillow cases,and anything else you touch.

Is ciprofloxacin good for upper respiratory infections?

Ciprofloxacin is not a good drug to treat the upper respiratory infections. It is more or less reserved antibacterial drug. Other simple antibiotics like penicillin should be used to treat the upper respiratory tract infections. They are more effective than Ciprofloxacin in this case.

Pathophysiology of the Upper respiratory tract infection?

Transmission is via respiratory droplets or by virus-contaminated hands. Upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, sinuses) mucosa inflammation causes increased secretions, rhinorrhea and results in sneezing, and coughing facilitating the spread. In United States URIs are the most common infectious ill ( Full Answer )

What does an upper respiratory infection affect?

An infection of the upper part of the respiratory system which isabove the lungs. An upper respiratory infection can be due to anynumber of viral or bacterial infections. These infections mayaffect the throat , sinuses, nasopharynx , larynx , trachea andbronchi. asonor.com

Is pneumonia an upper respiratory infection?

Pneumonia is a respiratory condition in which there is infection of the lung. Upper respiratory tract infections are the illnesses caused by an acute infection which involves the upper respiratory tract : nose, sinuses, pharynx or larynx. An example would be the common cold.

Can you give a cat penicillin for a respiratory infection?

You are far better advised to visit the vet and get a prescription that is made for cats. Feline metabolism is different enough from human that drugs that are harmless to humans will kill cats; plus the necessary dosage is very different, even for those drugs that are used for cats. Typically, your ( Full Answer )

Your cat has obviously a dental infection and needs to see a veterinarian Unfortunately they are close for the weekends Is there anything you can do or give him to relief its pain until it sees a vet?

Answer: You need to take your cat to your Veterinarian or to the Emergency Veterinarian immediately. There is very little you can do at home as dental infections usually start below the gumline and not on the tooth itself. If you cannot get to a vet straight away your cat has trouble eating, try f ( Full Answer )

What can you do for an upper respiratory infection?

While many people like to use an antibiotic like amoxilin for upperrespiratory infections, some infections are caused by viruses andwill not be cured by antibiotics. If you don't see a physician andfollow his or her instructions, the next best thing to do is takeit easy and rink lots of fluids. Some ( Full Answer )

Is amoxicillin given for an upper respiratory infection?

Amoxicillin can be used to treat the sinusitis, acute and chronic. It can also be used to treat the ear infections like otitis media and otitis externa. It should not be used to treat the acute pharyngitis.

Is asthma an upper respiratory infection?

No, asthma is a chronic inflammation and narrowing of bronchial passages in the lungs. But it can vary in severity over time, and it can certainly be made worse by an upper respiratory infection.

What do you do if a guinea pig as a respiratory infection without getting to a vet?

Respiratory problems are a real hazard in guinea pigs and you HAVE to take it to the vet. There is no way you could treat it at home without a vets knowledge. IT would just be like you having breathing problems and then not going to the doctors to see what's wrong. You'll have to take it to the vets ( Full Answer )

What structures are involved in an upper respiratory infection?

During a respiratory infection, the upper lobes of the lungs including its structures would be affected. The lungs would not expand and contract as easily if congested. Infection could affect the bronchi as well as the larger bronchi. The muscles of respiration would be in higher use from coughi ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a upper respiratory tract infection?

Treatment of upper respiratory tract infection depends on theunderlying cause. Upper respiratory infections can be caused byallergies, viruses, chemical exposure such as smoke inhalation orbacteria. Bacterial infections require the most attention by thedoctor. Typically, bacterial infections are ass ( Full Answer )