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oh dear If a cell's surface area is 6 SQUARE cms and its VOLUME is 1cm cubed then the ratio of surface area to volume is 6:1

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Surface ratio is squared while the volume ratio is cubed.

if cells surface area is 6 and its volume is 1cm then what is its ratio of surface are volume to volume

which of the cells has the greatest surface to volume ratio

What happens to a cells surface area to volume ratio as it increases in size?

Surface area to volume ratio

Cells are limited in size by surface area and volume. The surface area to volume ratio explains the small size of cells

The ratio of surface area to volume increases. The area of a sphere is proportional to its radius squared. Volume is proportional to radius cubed. As the radius increases, the volume increases more than the surface area. As the radius decreases, the volume decreases more than the surface area, so the ratio of surface area to volume increases.

The cell's ratio of surface area to volume would decrease if its volume increases more rapidly than its surface area.

To increase the ratio of surface area to volume

As the cell grows larger the ratio of surface area to volume increases. Larger cell = more volume for the amount surface area.

Larger cells will have a greater surface area-to-volume.

The greater the volume to surface area ratio is, the harder it is for the cell to expel waste and to work properly. In order for the cell to be efficient, it needs to have a low ratio, meaning that it needs a lot of surface area compared to volume. This is why cells are generally so small.

The surface-area-to-volume ratio may be calculated as follows: -- Find the surface area of the shape. -- Find the volume of the shape. -- Divide the surface area by the volume. The quotient is the surface-area-to-volume ratio.

They need to have a large ratio of surface to volume

It is not possible to have a sphere with a surface are of 300 metres squared and a volume of 500 metres cubed. A surface area of 300 sq metres would imply a volume of 488.6 cubic metres or a shape that is non-spherical!

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