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How did you want to switch on the bulbs? If there isn't a separate circuit already running from the switch, through the wall, and to the chandelier, then you'd have buy pull chain switches.

The chandelier would have to have holes drilled to mount the switches. The load wire from the house would be wired to the load side of each switch. Then two bulbs to one switch and three bulbs to the other switch. All the neutrals would tie together to the neutral from the house.

I would HIGHLY recommend just purchasing a dimmer switch from your local hardware or home center. You could easily change the switch in the wall to a dimmer switch and have a lot more control over the illumination, and it wouldn't look like you have burned out light bulbs in your fixture.

You can rewire a 5-bulb light for a 3-2 switch in a couple of other ways. Remove the light from the ceiling, open the lamp wiring and divide the selected 3 and 3-light sets. All of the neutral wires stay together (usually wired to the screw shell of the lamp holders). Add a 3-way switch in the fixture (e.g., off, 3-on, 5-on, or off, 2-on, 5-on) or bring each group of 3 and 2 hot wires out to separate wall switches. Switch 1 is 2 bulbs, switch 2 is the other 3 bulbs, and switch 1 and 2 together is all 5 bulbs. Or you can put all or some of them on dimmers.

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Q: If a chandelier has 5 bulbs how can it be re-wired to switch on separately 3-2 bulbs?
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How many amps does a chandelier use?

The amperage that a chandelier draws is based on the amount of bulbs and the wattage of the bulbs used in the fixture. Count the amount of bulbs and multiply that number by the wattage of the bulbs. Take this total wattage and use this formula. I = W/E. Amps = Watts/ Volts.

How can you retrofit a 120 volt chandelier to work in 230 volt?

change the light bulbs

How do you wire two bulbs for one switch?

The two bulbs will be wired in parallel with each other. The switch will be wired into the circuit upstream of the bulbs.

How do you convert a German 220 volt chandelier to USA 110 volt?

If you want mood lighting just connect it as is, the brightness of the bulbs will be half. If you want full brightness change the bulbs to 120 volt with bulbs of the same wattage as the 220 volt bulbs.

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How many light bulbs can you splice from a ceiling jack to make a chandelier?

It is difficult to know, however you would certainly be safe to add the wattages of smaller bulbs to equal the bulb that was originally there. There are now led bulbs that consume less than 1 watt, 3 and 7 watt chandelier bulbs are quite common.

How do you clean a chandelier?

Disconnect the chandelier from the power supply. Place a thick blanket on the floor under the fixture, which will soften the fall should you accidentally drop a crystal prism. Climb the stepladder and remove all the bulbs in the chandelier that can be removed without using tools. Clean in sections. Carefully remove the crystals from a section of the chandelier, and place them on the first towel. Wipe and buff the frame. Reassemble the fixture, being careful not to twist the chandelier too much, since doing this can loosen it from the ceiling.

Where can put the switch to control all the bulbs?

-- If all the bulbs are in series, then the switch can be at any pointin the series ring, and it will control them all.-- If any bulbs are in parallel, then in order to control all of them, theswitch must be between the circuit and one terminal of the battery orpower supply.

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try the turn signal switch, the connector on it, the connections to the signal lights, the wiring, etc. On some vehicles, the turn signal switch controls front and back blinkers separately

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You purchased a chandelier in Czech Republic and when it was connected it he did something with aluminum foil and light bulbs he is gone so does the foil go around or bottom of bulbs?

i think the aluminum foil goes at the bottom, but that's just what i think.

Headlights will not work on my 1996 Jeep?

Bulbs? Fuses? Relay? Dimmer switch? Headlight switch?

What could you do to a closed circuit consisting of 2 batteries and 2 light bulbs and a switch too increase the current?

The switch will not increase the current. The only thing that will increase the current is adding a larger load.Another AnswerTo maximize current flow in a circuit with 2 Flashlightbatteries, 2 Flashlight bulbs, and a switch, set aside the bulbs, put the batteries in series, connect the switch between the end poles of the battery set, and close the switch. The batteries will get hot and probably leak electrolyte, and be drained in seconds.If you want to maximize current through the circuit withthe bulbs in it, connect the bulbs in parallel to each other, and in series with the switch.

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check bulbs, fuses & reverse switch

Can a 120V chandelier be hard-wired to a 240V power source in Europe using 240V bulbs and will the wires handle the load?

as long as the total WATTAGE of the bulbs is the same, you should get the same light and the wires will handle the load just fine.

If only 3 of your 5 chandelier light bulbs are lit what is happening to the sockets with the 2 burnt out light bulbs?

well, nothing. the electricity is just sitting there in the filament holder of the bulb going nowhere, no current no light. no cost either for that matter...

Three different bulbs are connected in series when switch is closed the last bulb does not glow why?

because the switch is closed

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faulty switch

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100 bulb

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Possible bad switch on the brake pedal? When you push on the brake pedal, it activates a switch, that switch turns on your brake lights. If the bulbs and fuses are ok, check the switch with an ohmeter.

Where can you find light bulb base adapters to put 120V candelabra lights in a 240V chandelier from Czechoslovakia?

First off, I am NOT an electrician, but I have guts. I just hung a European chandelier and hooked it up to 110 voltage. It works, but it doesn't put out as much light as it would with 220. A more elegant solution would be to take the lamp to a shop and get it rewired. If you want to do it yourself, I believe you can buy all the necessary parts at Home Depot.Improved answerSearch Google for "light bulb adapters" you will need E-14 to E-12 adapters, one word of caution though, these types of candelabras have very small wiring and using higher wattage bulbs could be a fire hazard so I would recommend using LED or florescent bulbs!