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If a chandelier has 5 bulbs how can it be re-wired to switch on separately 3-2 bulbs?


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2015-07-16 19:29:05
2015-07-16 19:29:05

How did you want to switch on the bulbs? If there isn't a separate circuit already running from the switch, through the wall, and to the chandelier, then you'd have buy pull chain switches.

The chandelier would have to have holes drilled to mount the switches. The load wire from the house would be wired to the load side of each switch. Then two bulbs to one switch and three bulbs to the other switch. All the neutrals would tie together to the neutral from the house.

I would HIGHLY recommend just purchasing a dimmer switch from your local hardware or home center. You could easily change the switch in the wall to a dimmer switch and have a lot more control over the illumination, and it wouldn't look like you have burned out light bulbs in your fixture.

You can rewire a 5-bulb light for a 3-2 switch in a couple of other ways. Remove the light from the ceiling, open the lamp wiring and divide the selected 3 and 3-light sets. All of the neutral wires stay together (usually wired to the screw shell of the lamp holders). Add a 3-way switch in the fixture (e.g., off, 3-on, 5-on, or off, 2-on, 5-on) or bring each group of 3 and 2 hot wires out to separate wall switches. Switch 1 is 2 bulbs, switch 2 is the other 3 bulbs, and switch 1 and 2 together is all 5 bulbs. Or you can put all or some of them on dimmers.


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The amperage that a chandelier draws is based on the amount of bulbs and the wattage of the bulbs used in the fixture. Count the amount of bulbs and multiply that number by the wattage of the bulbs. Take this total wattage and use this formula. I = W/E. Amps = Watts/ Volts.

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The two bulbs will be wired in parallel with each other. The switch will be wired into the circuit upstream of the bulbs.

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If you want mood lighting just connect it as is, the brightness of the bulbs will be half. If you want full brightness change the bulbs to 120 volt with bulbs of the same wattage as the 220 volt bulbs.

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