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You will have to add him to your insurance. He will be under your name and your premium will go up! if you don't do this the insurance company may look the the DMV to see how many licenses are registered under your home address, then they will call and ask if he is insured. so it's better to just go and tell them to add him to your policy.

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If a child has insurance on one of the parents cars but drives the other parents car is she still insured?

No, the child needs to drive the other car. No, the child needs to drive the other car.

Is a non licensed child that drives parents car covered under parents insurance?

No, the unlicensed child is not covered under the parents policy unless that child is a scheduled driver on the parents policy. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public roads with out a drivers license. Most parents already know that. It is also illegal to operate that vehicle on public roads without proof of financial responsibility. Fortunately the Parents are insured for acts of negligence in allowing the unlicensed child to illegally operate the vehicle. So basically the child is not a covered driver. Now the Insurance company will most likely pay a claim or loss if the unlicensed uninsured child has an accident. The claim would be paid not because the child was covered but rather the Insurer would be paying a negligence claim against the covered parents.

Whose medical insurance covers your child if both parents are insured?

In order for your child to have insurance coverage, your child would need to be listed as a covered person on the policy, and a premium would need to have been collected for the child. Even if both parents are insured, if your child isn't on the policy and has not been considered as a portion of the premium, then there is no coverage.

If your non-household child drives your car with permission is he covered by your auto insurance?

Yes, however the child should be listed on someones policy as a driver. If the child drives your vehicle with any frequency and is not listed on the other parents policy then I would highly recommend adding them to your policy and pay the extra premium.

Which divorce parent must carry auto insurance for the child?

The one who has custody of the child. If the child stays at the other parents home part of the time and drives their vehicles then the child must also be listed as a driver on that parents policy.

If teenager isn't on insurance are they covered by parents policy?

NO, All drivers are required to carry insurance and be scheduled on an auto insurance policy. if he's not on the policy then he is not a covered driver. Although your company may be required to pay for an accident in which your uninsured teenager is involved. they would not be paying because he was covered, but rather they would have to pay due to the parents negligence in failing to obtain proper insurance for their teenage child and because they allowed the uninsured child to drive the vehicle. The insurer is often liable to pay for the negligence of the insured. Don't confuse this though with an assumption that the uninsured child was somehow covered simply because the insurer had to pay.

If a car has insurance where it covers any one who drives it dose the driver have to be insured?

Assuming your car is insured any driver is normally considered an insured also. However, if this driver is a spouse, child or someone who regularly drives the car and the "driver" has a bad record and you don't want to pay the premiums, your insurer could deny the claim. Also the owner of the car is ultimately responsible lending your car out ruins friendships.

What is location influences on auto coverage?

You must list the garaging address on the policy (not a P o Box). The vehicle is rated based on the zip code where it is garaged. Say parents live in rural Georgia but their child drives a car to college and stays in the dorm. The vehicle that the child drives to college will be rated based on the Atlanta address while the other family vehicle will be somewhat less expensive as they will be rated at the home of the insured. You can have multiple garaging address on an auto policy.

In Michigan if a child can move out of their parents home at age 17 then are the parents still legally or financially responsible for the child?

According to the officers I spoke with two years ago when my 17-yo moved out, no. The parent is not legally or financially responsible for the child, except...it is my understanding that if the child is still covered by your insurance, you are still responsible for whatever medical bills are incurred that are not covered by the insurance until the child is no longer covered or is taken off the policy. Also, if there is an accident or the child is hurt, the parent is not automatically notified, either, because in the eyes of the state, the child is an "adult." BUT, if your child has a driver's permit, you will need to revoke it, because you CAN be held liable for any accident your child causes while only being in possession of a permit. But if that child doesn't have a permit and drives anyway, and gets in an accident or anything, that child is responsible, not you, only so long as you revoke the permit and take him off your auto insurance.

If parents are divorced then under whose policy is the child covered?

Usually the primary custodial parent, but parents may make other arrangements if they wish.

Uninsured child borrows parents car that is insured and child has a wreck does insurance company have to pay out?

As long as he had permission, then yes. If you are going to try to claim that he/she didn't have permission, that's a whole other story.

What are the benefits of child only health insurance?

The only benefit to having Child Only Health Insurance is that the child is insured. According to studies, children with child only health insurance were more likely to have had routine dental and health examinations in the past 2 years over those without insurance. The rates for children that had insured parents were even higher, suggesting that children that have an insured parent are more likely to have access to all the healthcare that they need. The study also suggested that families with the child only health care, may not know how to use it properly therefore, they don't use it enough.

Can you get child support if the father is in prison from his parents?

No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.No. His parents are not responsible for financially supporting his child.

How much does a dose of DTP3 vaccine for infants cost?

In the US, infant vaccines are normally free. If you're insured, they're covered via your health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If you're not insured, they're covered by the Vaccines for Children program. Contact your local federally qualified health center, department of health, or pediatrician for information on how to access free child immunizations.

What is the purpose of child support?

The claim is that it is to support a child as if the child's parents continued to live together. Although of course, many times the child support might be much more than the child would have received had the parents remained together. Sometimes it is much less too. The only thing that is normally not covered is medical expenses.

A minor child with no license hit my car will her parents auto insurance repair my car?

As the driver is a minor child, the Custodial Parent or other Custodial Entity is Financially Liable for the acts of the minor child. An auto accident may or may not be covered under the Custodians Auto insurance Policy depending on whether the child is covered or excluded from coverage on that Policy.

Does domestic partner insurance cover a child?

Generally if a domestic partner is covered then the child of that partner can also be covered.

Who was the child that divorced his parents?

who ws the child that divorced his parents and what year did he do it

What is a word for a child without parents?

A child without parents is an orphan.

How long can you stay covered under your parents insurance policy?

I believe it is until 18 years of age, unless the child is a full-time student.

How can the government pay your parents for child care?

If the grandparents have had custody the parents of the child have to pay them child support. If you by child care mean daycare that is also the parents who pay for that.

Who are the donkey parents?

The parents who are narrow minded & who always oppose their child's dreams are donkey parents. All parents love their child, but if parents will give respect to child then child will always give them respect.

What do you call it when a child abuses their parents?

That means that she doesn't love her parents unless her/his parents give them whatever they want.That is when a child abuses their parents. It is called........ Child abuse towards parents....... TA..TA.........

How do parents affect the genotype of a child?

The parents pass along genes to the child.

What is a child who doesn't have their parents?

An orphan is a child that is without its mother or father (parents)

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