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If a child dropped out of school do you still pay child support in Arkansas?


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Yes until they are 18.

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In Arkansas, child support ends when the child turns 18 or graduates high school, which ever is later. If the child turns 18 in Feb. of his/her senior year, child support goes on until graduation. If the child turn 18 in July after graduating, child support goes on until the child's 18th birthday.

Age 18 or high school see links below

That will depend on the original parenting plan filed with the court during your divorce. You will probably have to go to court and file a motion to stop child support since he has dropped out of school.

You will have to pay child support on a child in Arkansas until they reach 18 years of age or until they graduate from college. You can request termination of child support before that if there are special circumstances such as the child moving out of the parents home.

Yes, if your divorce decree outlines that you must pay child support until your child reaches age 18 you will have to continue to pay even though they have dropped out of school. Once they turn 18 and do not go to college, your child support will quit.

Because your child has decided to approach life defferently, does not exclude you from paying child support.

of course you still have to pay child support, that child came from YOUR loins. You are responsible for providing for that child, even if you choose not to be in their life. Maybe if you stuck around they wouldn't have dropped out to begin with. Just saying..

Depends on the age of the child. If the child is 18 or older and has dropped out of high school and is not pursuing a GED, the court may end the child support obligation. In most cases, child support will continue if the child is under 18, regardless of whether or not they are continuing their education.

The child is no longer in school, so you can start the legal process to end the payments.

We just got in front of a Magistrate in Genesee County Michigan. She said that the state now owes us from 2007 when the child dropped out of school. No school, no support is what we were told. We go in front of a judge this May - I'll keep you all posted.

No, the last I heard as long as they were in school yes if they dropped out for any reason then no. They may depend on the state you live in. My mom is a supervisor in child support, the rules are that a child support case ends when a child graduates from high school or turns 18, whichever comes LAST. Not to exceed 19 years of age.

Your child support obligation ends when the child turns 18 without regard to his school status, as long as no child support is in arrears. Refer to Washington statute RCW 26.28.010.

School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.

What, boarding school is free? Yes, you have to pay your child support payments regardless of where the child is living. They are used to support the child regardless of where they are living.

Apply to the court for a modification of support order. This may require an attorney.

A mother is supposed to support her child through high school, as long as the child remains in school. Children are not required to support their parents.

It depends I think what state you live in. In Arkansas for instance, child support and visitation are 2 separate issues.

How do you prove the child is no longer enrolled in school

Child support is payable unless the child is adopted. It is not linked to custody and access. Whether you see the child or not does not affect support obligations.

The child's school status would not, in itself, justify termination of support.

Review your child support order. Your child support obligation is governed by the order and state law. Some states extend child support for education purposes as long as the child is in school full time. Some end the support at eighteen or when the child graduates from high school.

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