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You only have to report if another car is involved and if the damage is over $5000. If you want to pay for the fix yourself, you can.

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Q: If a child has a permit and has had twelve hours with a licensed instructor and now drives with a parent and hits a tree does one have to report it to one's insurance company?
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If someone with a learner's permit drives a car that is insured but the licensed driver in the car is not listed on the policy are they covered?

If everyone was legal, yes, a collision should be covered by the insurance company.

Is insurance required for a teenage driver who lives with you but received license from non-custodial parent and only drives when with them?

This teenager did not get a license from the non-custodial parent. He got it from the State. And if he is licensed and resides in your household, your insurance company needs to know. He just might have to drive you to the ER or something.

If the owner of a car dies is their insurance still valid no matter who drives it?

Maybe if the person driving is a named driver on the policy but you would have to check with the insurance company.

If you don't have car insurance and was hit by someone else can you sue them and the insurance company?

You might want to be careful here. Some states have steep fines and worse for someone that drives without insurance.

Can someone who drives with no insurance drive with someone who has insurance?


Can your boyfriend drive your car without having insurance on a vehicle of his own?

This all depends on your insurance. your insurance policy may cover anyone that drives your car and that would mean then yes he can drive it. But you better check with your insurance company.

Before a driver drives a motorcycle, they need to have motorcycle insurance.?

Before a driver drives a motorcycle, they need to have motorcycle insurance.

If friend drives your car and hits someone but is not insured by your insurance company who pays?

generally the person who owns the car at fault involved in the accident is financially responsible. hopefully you have insurance and your friend is not excluded from your policy for some reason. if your friend is not excluded then your insurance company should pay

If a household member with a suspended license drives an auto without permission and gets in an accident can the insurance company refuse to pay?


What protects a company if an employee drives his own car during the course of work?

It is relevant to your state insurance laws. Contact your agent!

Does full coverage insurance cover my car if someone else drives it?

Auto Insurance covers the vehicle, not the driver. As long as you give permission for a legally licensed person to drive your car and they are properly using the vehicle (i.e.: not racing) your vehicle is covered.

If I am financing a car and is the only person on the loan. but my brother drives it and he has full insurance on the car. so the insurance is under his name. can the finance company repossess my car?


If you have no insurance on your car but it was the other drives fault would there insurance still pay for it?


Do you need extra coverage for your daughter who lives with her mother?

If she ever stays with you or drives your vehicles you need to let your insurance company know about her so that you have coverage.

Is your 17 year old licensed daughter covered if she drives your cars covered for insurance?

If your teen is a Licensed Driver and a member of your household or a minor ward and you have failed to disclose (Concealed Drivers Fraud) by adding them to your insurance policy, then she is not a covered driver under the terms and definitions of your auto insurance policy. However, Since parents are liable under the law for the acts of a minor child, Your insurance company may be required to pay for the accident as a negligence claim against the insured parent. If your insurer determines fraud on your part, they are not required to pay any claims arising out of fraud. In fact the law prohibits the insurance company from paying known fraud claims. Depending on the internal operating policies of your insurer, they may or may not cancel the policy if concealment and negligence are determined.

If a friend drives your car and is charged with DUI and gets in an accident does your collision coverage cover the damages?

depends on your and his insurance, generally insurance follows the driver not the car. so your insurance shouldn't care, their insurance should pay for everything. If they don't have insurance, then your uninsured motorist might cover it. It depends entirely on your company, but if your company pays then your premiums will go up. The person they hit should have insurance that may cover it. I see no reason why your insurance should be involved.

What drives commercial liability insurance prices?

the economy

What happens when someone not on your insurance drives your car leaves the keys in the ignition and your car is stolen will the insurece company pay if my car is totaled or can they refuse to pay?

Read your policy.

Is it a law in minnesota that you have to add a 16 year old that has just received her license to your policy if she drives my car but does not reside in my house?

You will have to check with your insurance company. Many insurance companies will cover a driver when you have loaned them your car but have age restrictions.

What do you do if the at fault drives insurance company refuses to cover damages to your car?

That's your insurance companies problem, let them deal direct with them on your behalf (their job) and the two can decide which one pays. Just get some estimates and have the deductible ready.

How can you protect yourself when a car you own that your older son drives with insurance and has a bad accident?

Your insurance is the protection; that's the nature of insurance.

What if someone drives your car and has an accident?

Your insurance rate will increase.

If someone else drives your car and gets in an accident are you responsible?

In Massachusetts the answer is YES. If more than one person is going to be driving your car then you have to have the appropriate insurance for that person. The laws do vary from state to state so check with your insurance company.

Who should be on your car insurance?

Generally speaking, just you. In the U.S. in most states, your insurance covers anyone who drives the car (in the insurance business, there is a saying, "When you loan your car, you also loan your insurance). However, if there is someone who regularly drives your car besides you, you may want to have them listed as a driver.

Are you paying more for car insurance because the other person has same address?

This is another case of where the CLUE system shows someone who gets their mail at your address. This simply gives the insurance company a reason to ask you if this person lives in your household and should they be listed as a driver on your insurance application. If the person never drives your vehicles then you just state this to company in writing and there is no charge for that person on your insurance. You just need to remember that you stated this to the company so then don't lend them your car because they will not be covered.