Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence

If a child is abusive against their mothers what are some kinds of amends?


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What???????? You have to be extremely firm on this. It will suck but you have to be FIRM. First you warn the perpatrator. Let him/her know that you have had enough and that you will file charges, or send him/her to a boarding school. If the perpatrator repeats the offense then take action. Make sure you take action. Until you take action your child will continuously take you for granted and see as weak and inconsitent. Send his/her ass to boarding school or be FIRM and press charges. it would be hard but better for you and yourt child. Trust me they will learn something in the process. If it was me I would send them away to some school and make them long to see me and want to change. If they appear to change and decide to bring them back home and repeats offense then I would file charges and have his/her and thrown in jail. Nobody can't say you didn't try. Best of luck. Travis