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The biological father may only stop paying child support under one of the following four circumstances: Death of the child; the child turns 18 and decides not to pursue higher education; the child quits or graduates higher education; or the biological father is found not to be the "true" father. So, if a stepfather adopts them, more than likely, the biological will still be responsible for child support.

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What relationship is your wife's stepfather to you?

If your wife was adopted by her stepfather, he would be your (adoptive) father-in-law. Otherwise, he is your stepfather-in-law, and only her biological father is your father-in-law. Also, if you have children, he will be their step-grandfather.

Is my wife's stepfather my father-in-law?

No, her biological father is your father-in-law, and her stepfather is your stepfather-in-law. If you have kids, he will be their step-grandfather.

Was Adolf Hitler adopted?

No, he was not. But his father was semi-adopted by his stepfather.

Who is responsible for child support the fathers name on birthcertificate or biological father?

this is a question for family court if the child was adopted, the biological father is responsible for the support of his child.

Can a stepfather go after the real father for support?

No the stepfather can not go after the real father.

After a child is legally adopted by his stepfather can a biological father claim any rights to the child?

A child can only have two legal guardians, meaning the biological father would have to either give up his rights voluntarily or lose them through the court system in order for the stepfather to adopt the child.

Who gives the bride away when there is a father and a stepfather?

The biological father should give the bride away. If the bride is not close to her biological father for reasons between them then she could choose her stepfather to give her away.

Why do you have two dads?

When your parents got married and had you they are your biological parents (he is your real dad), but once your parents divorced and your mother remarried then the man your mother married is your stepfather and your biological father is your real father. If you get along with both your father and stepfather consider yourself lucky. You can also have two dads if you are adopted by a family and you may not know who your real dad is, but your adopted dad who loves and cares for you is really your dad although not your birth father.

Can a child at age 14 decide if he wants to be adopted by his stepfather?

If his biological father gives up his parental rights, yes then he can if he wants and if the judge agrees.

Does a father have to pay child support for adopted children?

If the adoption was complete, you are the father of record. If you are the non-custodial parent, you should expect to pay child support. if you are the biological father you do not pay for the children that was adopted. Their new dad does that.

In the state of Massachusetts if a biological father is unaware of a child and the child is adopted by his stepfather is the bio dad responsible for any back child support?

Well if the Bio father is unaware of the baby then I don't believe he has to pay child support because the mom decided that the father didn't need to know about the child and if the child is adopted (like me) either by a step dad or by a different set of parent AND the father know about the child Then the father would need to pay back child support.

Can the biological father of a child be made to pay support if he is not he legal father?

A biological father is the father of the child. A step-father is not. If the step-father has legally adopted the child that is not his when married then yes, he would have to pay support. If not married and the child is not his then no, he does not have to pay child support, but he may have to go to court to resolve the matter.

What is a birthfather?

A birthfather is the biological father of an adopted child, or a person's biological father.

What if one of the parents is not on a birthcerficate can stepfather still adopted?

If the biological father is known and still has his parental rights he have to give them up in order for the stepdad to be allowed to apply for adoption.

When mother has full custody of a child what are the rights of the stepfather vs the natural father?

If the "step-father" has adopted the child, then the step father has all the rights that are normally afforded to a biological parent. If the "step-father" never adopted the child, he has no more rights legally then someone walking in off the street.

What is the definition of a dad?

A dad is a father, possibly a stepfather or adopted father; a male parent or guardian.

Does a step dad have to pay child support?

No. Child support is paid by the biological parent unless the step father legally adopted the child.

Does a father owe child support if child adopted by another?

In most adoptions, the rights/responsibilities of the biological parents are terminated.

Should a custodial mother file a child support modification when her child was legally adopted?

Who legally adopted the child?If the mother's new husband legally adopted the child, then the biological father's parental rights had to be terminated first. Which means that the biological father is NOT obligated to pay child support anymore. The new adoptive father has taken on all rights and responsibilities for the child.

Can a stepfather adopt the child if the biological father passes away?

Yes as long as the stepfather and mother are married for a year and if everyone in the equation agrees to the adopting.

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