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If a child lives with mom and dad has visitation rights how old can the child be before they don't have court rights to go to the fathers?


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See Link Below
'Child Refusing To Visit Other Parent?'
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Unwed fathers have several rights in the state of Alabama. The fathers can see the children, they can pay child support, and the fathers can request visitation.

His rights are to pay child support and petition for visitation.

Child support and visitation rights are two separate things. You don't get visitation automatically just because you pay child support. You have to petition for it in court.

DNA testing can be done before or after a birth certificate is signed if there is any question about who the father of a child is or if visitation rights are being contested.

The right to petition for custody or visitation and the right to pay support. [Paternity must be established before any discussion of rights or responsibilities.]

Whatever he obtains from the courts. The two are not connected.

If not married she can unless he goes to court and get his parental rights and get court ordered visitation etc. She can stop it if she has proof. Before he goes to court he has no rights. If married they have equal rights to the child so she would have to petition the court for terminating his rights ir deny him visitation etc in case of divorce.

the fathers here have every right to walk in and stop it at once, as they are minors the house is the fathers so he can prevent them from having sex.

child support and visitation rights are two totally different things. The answer is no.

California child support enforcement is required to represent you in child support matters; for visitation rights, contact your local bar association and/or legal assistance foundation office.

How does he have any visitation rights with a custody and child support order?

As regards single fathers, no. Married fathers, until the court says otherwise, still has equal access to the child. see related link

He has whatever rights the courts set forth, but he might have to pay for at least half the travel costs.

If you end a relationship with the child's mother you are not losing visitation rights, you never had visitation rights. Visitation rights are granted by a court. If you and the child's mother were married and you had a long term relationship with the child, or if there are half-siblings of that child (your children with whom you do have visitation rights) the court may award visitation rights. You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues and who can review your situation and explain your options.On the other hand, you can get visitation rights by a court order if you had legally adopted the child.

You have the right for scheduled visitations and to pay child support after paternity has been established by a DNA test. Before that you have no rights. Afterwards you can petition the court for visitation and custody.

If he has primary custody or even visitation rights, you cannot take his child far enough away that he cannot readily exercise his custody/visitation rights unless he gives you permission to do so.

Assuming you don't have legal custody of the child, you have whatever visitation rights the court have given you.

Only the court can grant and take away visitation rights.

If married you have equal rights to the child so no visitation needed. If you never been married you have to petition the court for visitation rights.

You are not likely to pay child support, but neither will you get visitation rights, unless you adopted the child as your own at the time you were married.

The legal guardian has all rights over the child unless the mother has visitation rights. If so, they must be followed.

If you're the father, and the mother is attempting to deny you visitation rights, you need to get a lawyer and take it to court. If you're the mother, and you'd like to deny the father visitation rights, you need to get a lawyer and take it to court. Child support is an entirely separate issue. It has NOTHING to do with visitation or custody rights. You are obligated to abide by the court orders in both cases, but you don't get to stop paying support or deny visitation just because the other parent did the other one of those things.

yes in some cases they may not have known there was a child but now that they do they can get visitation

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