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yes, and should

see links below

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Q: If a child refuses to see her father in Washington state can she still be forced to?
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If a child's mother refuses to let the father see the child can the father have support stopped?


What happens if the father of the child is court ordered to pay child support and refuses?

If a father refuses to pay child support, he's sent to jail and will not be let out until he pays the child support.

Does a father have to pay child support when the mother refuses to list him as father on the birth certificate?

Not really. It depends on the situation.

When did George Washington have his child?

George Washington did not father any children.

How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?

In England and Wales - Phone the Police, it is kidnap.

Can a father be forced to pay child support during summer visitation with him?


Does a father have to pay support even if the child refuses visitation?

Yes unless the mother gets remarried and the child is adopted by the new husband

Can a mother with full custody stop the father from seeing the child?

No. A father has the right to see their child. Only the court can bar visitations. A mother who refuses to allow the father his visitation rights risks losing custody.

What if their are no court orders and the child's mother refuses to allow the father to see his child?

The father must establish his paternity in the family court and petition for a visitation schedule and/or joint custody. The father should act immediately.

What do you do if your kids father refuses to give your child back to you after his visitation?

If you have a court order of the custody agreement you can call the police.

Children refuses to visit father in prison and father suing for visitation rights?

If the child doesn't want to go, his dad can't sue him into doing it.

When did George Washington go on a fox hunt?

he went with his father when he was a child

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