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yes, but..This is a fairly complicated answer, so let me first say that the answer depends on many factors that I couldn't possibly cover in the time I'm willing to spend answering these (I.e. What the event was, where it was, what the parent did to prevent it, etc).

EXAMPLEIf your minor child is doing a normal act, during a normal day, at a time he should be doing it, with adequate supervision - and accidentally damages your neighbors car, the parent would actually not be held liable.

You have to understand that if the parent does everything socially expected and correct for the child to prevent such damages from occurring, the parent isn't financially liable. At this point, the child would become liable.

So the question would be, what are you doing to prevent your child from causing damages to other people, or her/himself? As the parent you are normally held liable for the child's action's, in societies eye. You most likely will never be held criminally responcible for what your child does, but in civil law (financial law) it's possible.

No, the parents are not responsible as long as they file an absentee minor report with authorities.

The mere fact that a minor leaves home against parental permission does not mean the parents have not done whatever possible to control the youth.

Since parents cannot physically restrain a child unless the child is trying to harm themselves or someone else, it is ludicrous to believe that a parent could keep a minor from simply "walking out the door."

If the parents file a report with the appropriate agency they are not going to be held liable for any actions of the minor child while said minor is not in their custody.

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Q: If a child runs away in Texas is the parent still legally and financially responsible for them?
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Can a parent in Texas legally kick a 16-year-old out of the house?

No. Parents are legally and financially responsible for their minor children until they reach the legal age of majority or a court rules otherwise. The legal age of majority for the state of Texas is 18.

At what age can a parent legally throw out a teenager in Texas?

In the state of Texas a person becomes legally designated an adult at the age of 18. In most cases the parent(s) will no longer be legally or financially responsible for the child (an exception could be a child support order that stipulates a different age). If the parents so choose they may request their "adult" child to move from their residence.

Once a minor has moved out of the home at age 17 is the parent still responsible for that minor in Texas?

The parent is responsible for the child as long as the child is under the age of 18. However, if the child is legally emancipated, the parents are no longer responsible for the child.

When is a parent no longer responsible to a teenager in Texas?

when they move out.

What age is a parent in Texas no longer responsible for their children?


In Texas can a 17 yr old male live with friend if custodial parent disagrees?

They cannot move out without permission. Until they reach the age of 18, the parent is responsible for them. That included determining where they can live. In Texas the answer is yes. The parent is legally responsible in some ways, but the child cannot be forced to come back if he/she runs away, the law will do nothing to bring them back, and for any crimes one is charged as an adult in Texas at 17.

Can you legally move out in Texas at 16?

If you have the permission of the parents. Until you are an adult, 18 in Texas, your parents are responsible for you. That includes determining where you live.

Can a minor legally sit at a restaurant bar in Texas accompanied by a parent?

I would say no unless it is a restaurant

Can a 17 year old moved out legally in Texas?

Not in Texas, until you are an adult, the parents are responsible for you. That would be 18 and until then they determine where you live.

In the state of Texas what age are you able to legally move out of your parent's home?

18, unless you've been emancipated.

Can an 18-year-old legally withdraw from school in Texas without the parent consent?

You're 18, so yes.

Are parents legally responsible for a 19 year old daughter?

no once you turn 18 you are a legal adult...and in Texas that occurs at 17 the parents are no longer responsible

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