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The father probably still owes the back child support, but it may become more difficult to collect.

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Q: If a child turns 18 does the father that didn't pay child support still owe back child support to the mother in SC?
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Do you have to pay child support if you didnt sign the birth form?

If paternity has been established the biological mother or person who has legal custody of the minor child can petition the court for child support from the father. The matter of not signing the birth certificate is irrelevant.

When No custody agreement in effect and father didnt return child to mother?

If married, he doesn't have to.

What if the parent didnt know about child support and the father is pretty rich but never paid child support and the child is 35?

If no order was ever entered, it's too late now unless the child is severely handicapped.

If fathers didnt sign child's birthcertificate can he be relinquished from back child support?


Can children sue their father for support?

First you must be 18 to sue anyone yourself. If your father is legally your father (name on birth certificate) and he didnt support you for 18 years, then you may have a chance to win all the back child support from 18 years. You should talk to your lawyer.

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Do you have to pay child support if mother has change your daughters last name?

yes you still have to pay child support expecially the child is yours unless u want 2 go to jail i kno because my big brither have 2 pay child support and the baby momma change iits last nameand he almost went 2 jail if he didnt pay 1,100 dollars.

If a biological father abandoned biological mother when told of pregnancy does he have rights 2 months after child's birth?

Yes He Does If You Didnt File A Government Order For Him To Stay Away. If You Dont Want Him To See Your Child Then Go Get A Court Order.

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