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The father probably still owes the back child support, but it may become more difficult to collect.

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Do you have to pay child support if you didnt sign the birth form?

If paternity has been established the biological mother or person who has legal custody of the minor child can petition the court for child support from the father. The matter of not signing the birth certificate is irrelevant.

What if the parent didnt know about child support and the father is pretty rich but never paid child support and the child is 35?

If no order was ever entered, it's too late now unless the child is severely handicapped.

How does Scrooges mother treat him?

Scrooges mother was claimed to have died in child birth when Ebenezer was brought in to the world. Therefore he didnt actually know his mother

Can children sue their father for support?

First you must be 18 to sue anyone yourself. If your father is legally your father (name on birth certificate) and he didnt support you for 18 years, then you may have a chance to win all the back child support from 18 years. You should talk to your lawyer.

Does rapper bg have kida?

Christione didnt pass the paternity test so she isn't his child. He has a son Chris jr. Christoff id not his either a groupie tried to get a littlr child support...HE IS NOT THE FATHER!!

How did Samuel hiller die in the holocaust?

He didnt. His Mother and Father where killed but he survived.

Do you have to pay child support if mother has change your daughters last name?

yes you still have to pay child support expecially the child is yours unless u want 2 go to jail i kno because my big brither have 2 pay child support and the baby momma change iits last nameand he almost went 2 jail if he didnt pay 1,100 dollars.

Can a man sue a woman for child support money given to her if she knew the child who is now an adult was not his?

I think if you can have the courts do a DNA test proving that he is not your son and she knew, you MIGHT be able to get the court to grant you some of that money back, assuming you didnt live as his father in the same home. Otherwise, the court will say you acted as the father and you are the only father "the child" knows as his father. The courts care how it will affect "the child", not the parents. Good Luck.

Who Is Anakin Skywalker real father?

he didnt have one, in the first movie his mother explanes that

How hard would it be for a father who didnt sign the birth certificate and wouldn't take bllod test to get child from mother?

very hard first u have 2 prove your the father then prove your a better parent or she unfit (brittnay spears)

Who were Ludwig Leichhardts parents?

Ludwigs perants were great people. His mother was a sibling of 3 and was born in east Berlin. She didnt have a job as times when she was alive did not allow her to get a proper education. His father was an only child and his mother died in child birth. His father was born in east Germany. He had a career as a local butcher and in his spare time he was also the local town whore.

Has Voldemort ever loved or cared?

no he has not voldemort is an evil man because he didnt have a mother or father to teach him that stealing and killing people is wrong he would not have loved because he didnt have anyone to love his mother and father were both dead and he didnt have any brothers or sisters so no he has not ever loved or cared!!!!!!!!

Did everyone in the Nazi party support Hitler?

no because my grand ma told me stories about that and her father was a nazi and he didnt support hittler.

Who are Jacob Black's parents?

his mother died - didnt tell name and billy black is his father

What was the problem in Bud Not Buddy?

Bud Caldwell Didnt KNo His Father & His Mother Had Died When He Was Six

Can the father get a custody for her daughter if he is not married to the mother that left him and found another man and this woman has been married to another man before that he didnt know about?

I would say yes as long he is the biological father,and neither of them have any "strikes" against them concerning the welfare of the child in question,or any other child.

How did Nicki minajs mother die?

she didnt die her father who is a drug addict tried to kill her mother but in a bad nightmare she thought he did kill her

Who is the first orphan in the Bible?

Adam-actually he didnt have father and mother in the Bible. Note: God as Creator is a Father as is His intention for us all.

Do you get child support if you are 16 and have moved out of home without your parents' permission?

i wouldn't try because if you didnt have permission to move out your parent can press charges against you for runaway but i do belive you can get your child support and if you call child support and tell them you moved out the parent that was receiveing the support will lose it.

Was Tim Burton abused as a child?

yes,tim was beaten and threw down the stairs if he didnt eat his vegetables and his mother broke his ribs by holding him down while his father hit him and pooed on his face.

Why didnt Ares is parents like him?

Because he was rude and a coward and was always arguing with his mother and disagreeing with his father.

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