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Before child support is ordered they will do a paternity test to make sure the child is yours and if it it then yes you will have to pay child support. The only way you don't is if the mother is married or with a new guy that want's to adopt the child. You can give up your parental rights but you would still have to pay for your child. * If the you are proven to be the biological father through parentage testing, you will in all likelihood be required to pay support. Whether or not the biological mother is married is not relevant. Arrearages can only be recovered according to the state's SOL starting from the date that a court order becomes valid. Due to the unusual nature of the situation it may be possible to be relieved of financial obligation by filing a petition of voluntary relinquishment of parental rights (TPR). The deciding factor would be, the actions of the biological mother to notify and locate you from the time the child was born to the present.

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