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If a collection agency refuses to settle medical debt and you can't pay what is the worst they can do?

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The collection agency can take you to court and garnish your wages. You should attempt to contact the original creditor and make negotiation with them if possible. If this is not possible, attempt to set up a reasonable payment plan with the collection agency. Having wages garnished sets back your life until the debt is paid off. * Collection agencies have no legal authority. If they are a third party collector that has purchased the account they can refer the account to an attorney who can file a lawsuit in the appropriate court in the debtor's state of residency. If they are working for the original creditor the original creditor must be the one to implement a lawsuit. If the plaintiff wins (they always do) a judgment will be entered against the debtor. Judgments can be executed according to the laws of the state where they are issued. Generally a judgment can be used as a wage garnishment or bank account levy or seizure and sale of non exempt property or a lien against real property. In most states it is possible to execute judgments against jointly owned property even that which is considered marital. Judgments are granted from 5-20 years and most are renewable and can be executed at any time the judgment creditor so chooses and will continue to incur interest until they are paid or settled.

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What do I do after a collection agency sues me?

Once a collection agency sues a person they may have to get an attorney and go to court to settle this. The agency wants you to pay the money you owe them however they can get you to do it.

Is it legitimate if a collection agency sent you a letter stating that their client would settle for a certain amount if paid by a certain date and they want you to fax the letter to them?

Before making any commitments to a collection agency, you should get confirmatio from the original creditor that the collection agency has legal authority to collect at settle the debt.

If you settle an old credit card debt with a collection agency paying the negotiated price in full will the collection agency remove the collection from your credit report?

No the collection will not be removed from the credit report. They will show it paid in full.

Once a debt is given to a collection agency can you get the creditor to take it out of the creditor's hands?

Once a debt has been sold to a collection agency, that agency owns the debt. Now it would be between you and the collection agency to settle the debt; the creditor has washed his hands of the matter. If you think the debt collection agency isn't working within its legal limits and is harrassing you, check out the Fair Debt Collection Act, which outlines was a collection agency can and cannot do.

Can you settle for less in a collection agency?

Yes, sometimes a collection agency will let you settle for less than the total amount owed on the debt. Most times this means they will want all the money in one, two, or three large payments.

How does a collection agency determine how much money they will settle a debt for?

a collection agency will usually take up to 30% off a debt but only if it is over $500 i once owed $5,300 on a returned vehicle and they were willing to take $3,100 but you can hustle your amount owed. all they want is some of the money anyway. There is no specific set amount. You must negotiate with the collection agency. They will settle for whatever they can get in many circumstances.

Is it better to settle an account in collections or pay it in full via monthly payments?

Personally speaking, it is better to settle with a collection agency rather than making monthly payments. Theres only one must pay the collection agency in full. Example, lets say you owe $1000 to a credit card company. A collection agency will say, pay $600 NOW and this will settle the balance. So, if you dont have $600, its a 'catch-22'. You are better off making the monthly payments until the $1000 is paid.

I am currently and have been paying faithfully a collection agency 50.00 a month to settle a medical debt. The agency is now threatening to garnish my wages for more. can they do that.?

NO. If you are paying a little at a time they can not garnish wages. The collection agency can not garnish your wages.The only agency that can do that is the Internal Revenue Service. It is better to pay the account in full when settleing a debt it show's on you credit report that you took a settlement. 50.00 a month try that toward your outstanding balance and pay more if you can.

How do you negotiate with a collection agency for the best deal?

The best thing you can do is put a little time between when the collection agency first contacted you and when you plan to pay. Don't do anything fast. Slow it down. They will get tired of calling and be willing to settle after 30 to 60 days have passed.

Can i deal with collection agency to pay just the original balance?

yes. or you can settle for less but remember to work out a pay for delete. be sure to get the arrangement in writing.

Will a collection agency sue for 1200.00?

Yes, many have a $1000 minimum. Best to try and settle the account or negotiate a payment plan before it goes that far.

My account balance with American express has been turned over to a collection agency. Does American express over a reduced payoff as a settlement?

when a company "sells" a bad debt to a collection agency it is at a fraction of the total bill due. So, if you have a bad debt to American express in the amount of $10,000, more than likely it was sold to the collection agency for 2-3000. The remainder can be written off by American Express on the taxes that are filed by the company. What you can do is contact the collection agency after saving 40% of the debt (or 4000) and offer to negotiate a settlement. If you settle for $4000.00 you are saving $6000 and the collection agency is making 50-100% profit on the bad debt. This what the debt settlement companies do - no sense in paying the settlement company fees when we can negotiate ourselves.

How to deal with old medical bills . is there a way to talk them to lower or settle?

yes there is, if it is in collections, most likely the agency wants to resolve it and get it off their books, you can call the agency and ask them to call the hosp where you have the bills and see how much and if they are willing to settle with you, most will give a small percentage if you are willing to pay right away on it.

What are some debt collecting options in order to enhance financial cash-flow?

Debt collection options to increase one's cash-flow include, but are not limited to a written request to settle the debt, personal communication and consultation with your client, legal action and a debt collection agency.

If you settle a chargeoff or collection does this increase your credit score?

Yes! I settled 2 collection accounts and my score stayed exactly the same.

Can you settle open medical for workers comp?


In bankruptcy is a judgment that was entered by a lawyer for a collection agency which resulted in a drivers license suspension a secured claim by the collection agency?

It depends on the judgment. If it is a Motor Vehicle Judgment it is not a secured claim which makes sense since they went after your license and not your assets. Sometimes these Motor Vehicle Judgments show up on your credit report and the only way to get it off is to settle the judgment or file bankruptcy. If it is not a Motor Vehicle Judgment it is most likely a secured claim.

What can you do if the cosigner has stopped making payments but refuses to give you the car or turn it in?

You might talk to a lawyer and settle it in small claims court.

How does Juliet disobey her father?

she gets asked to marry Paris to settle the grief of loosing tybalt but refuses as unbeknbown to them she if married to Romeo.

What does it mean if someone refers to you as a mustang?

A mustang is a wild horse - when you use this slang to mean a person, it is a person who refuses to settle down and be tamed.

What does the medical term sediment mean?

It means what it says i.e. Sedimentation is the tendency for particles in suspension to settle out of the fluid in which they are entrained and settle at the bottom

Recently got a letter from collection agency about unpaid dental bill from year 2000 never got a statement from the dentist?

Contact dentist immediately and see if you can still settle with dentist. If not, see if the collection company will give you a letter removing the late from your credit if you pay now in full. They will show you paid it in full but what you need is a removal letter from your credit if it was reported on your credit. Move quickly for the collection will stay on your credit 7-10 years.

Can you get the accrued interest reduced on a parent plus loan that was included in a bankruptcy in 1992 Many years later a collection agency wants you to repay it but it has increased from 3K-9K?

I'd assume by now the loan is with the feds. They may settle for a lump sum, but they sure don't have to.

If a collection agency is suing you - but you have no job or assets - what will happen if they win?

The debt could become a judgment. Do not put yourself in a state of worry. Your options are to settle this debt or once this account is placed on your report as a judgment you can submit an offer to compromise. Especially if you are struggling with your finances.

How can I settle unpaid medical bills?

You can try to settle a medical debt from .10 cents on the dollar or 30 percent of the balance. Nine times out of time if you have medical debts that are under $10,000.00 dollars they will not negotiate a settlement - only a payment plan. Anything over $10,000 is possible..